This is who you are…

Probably you have been told many times that you are cold, bold, rude or even indifferent.  But when you stop and observe yourself, you cannot understand why they think that way about you.

Most times the image other people have about ourselves is very different than our own.  And if you ask the people around you how do they look at you (even your close ones) you will be surprise with the results.

That strength that has helped you to get through many difficult times and that now is keeping you on your feet and making you feel self-assured, others might take it as rudeness, coldness or meanness.

That regenerating solitude and quietness you use to communicate with your inner being, others might take it as arrogance and separation.

That self-love that keeps your integrity intact and saves you from external manipulation and mistreatments, others might take it as selfishness and self-centredness.

But the truth is different, but only you can see it from your own perspective.

And after all these years, you know quite well that you are where you are now and you are who you are, because you have decided to live your life your way. By choice not external influence.

Do not let self-pity overpower your self-worth, stop competing with the whole world and start creating new ways. You do not need validation from anyone, just take a step at a time, and remember that the only thing keeping you from enhancing your life right now, is the self-image that you are holding in your mind.

You have hit rock bottom before and you were able to climb back up many times. This will not be the exception.

Believe you can do it and even if tough gets tougher, you will always find a way to climb to a higher level.

Just begin today please.

Get to know you better and keep a great image of yourself, then you will notice how great things begin to happen in your life.

Just give it a try, today.






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