Probably one big problem with many people is that they cannot accept when a spiritual teacher is in a “higher level” then they are.

For years and years, many religions around the world have taught us that we shouldn’t be self-centred, that we should forget about us and live for the rest of the world.

That the worst sin was to be selfish.

And now we are seeing the results of that mentality.  We see people hating themselves and their lives and living a life dictated by the people around them.

I am not saying that selfishness is a good thing, but how can you attract good things to your life if YOU are not alright?

A Chinese proverb says:” A well must be full first, before it can provide water”.

So how can you help others and provide for them when you have not provide for you first?

If you agree that you are the creator of your own reality, then how can you feel fulfilled and happy if your needs are not taken care of? Then if you are not complete and lack something, how can you be happy and attract good things to your life? And if there are no good things in your life, how can you co-crate a good universe with the rest of us?

So thinking and seeing for yourself first is not an evil thing, it is your duty. You need to be happy, healthy, and wealthy in order to be able to help others to be fine.  Otherwise you will feel incomplete and what you give the rest of the world will be incomplete.

We are not living in a time of self-sacrifice; suffering is not a part of sanctity anymore. We need to be happy and well to radiate our best Light to the rest of the world and to be able to give abundantly and happily.

Then what we share will make more benefits to the others and will be received even better, since it will benefit us and others at the same time.

If we love ourselves then we will manifest God in us, since we are a part of him and no less than anybody else, we don’t need to compare to anybody or see ourselves inferior to anybody.  Then we will be able to really shine with our own Light.

If we see the Divinity in ourselves, then we will be able to recognise the Divinity in others, and then we will be ONE with everything and everyone. Then and only then we will align ourselves with our true path.

And then and only then, will you truly understand the real meaning of: “Love thy neighbour….”

From my book: Answers III

Quantum Thoughts: Answers III by [Sampson, Hector]



2 thoughts on “Self

  1. An interesting post, Hector, and I agree with your thoughts. I think there is a balance that is ever in flux here, because we must fill the well in order to give to others, but giving to others is one way to fill the well. All is fluid and in interdependent motion. Our wholeness is broken if we care only for the needs of others at our own expense, just as it is if we care only for ourselves at the expense of others. That mindful balance is the state of equilibrium where the circle of giving and receiving becomes self-sustaining. Lovely post, my friend.

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  2. Thank you fro reading and for your comment, you always have lovely words on my posts Thank you very much indeed!!!

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