Pay attention

When I woke up this morning, I saw the date on my calendar and I had to check it twice because I could not believe it was true.

Where did all those days go? How come we are so advanced into the year? Time flies and when we try to look back to see where did time go, we realise that we have completely lost track of it.

I cannot believe that ten years ago my life was completely different, my mentality was different and even my life style was different.

Many of my friends and people I worked with, are no longer among us.  When I began making a list of all the people who had left, I am amazed of how long the list has become. Where have all they gone?

Even my tastes and hobbies are no longer the same. I still enjoy many old things but my interests and activities have changed so much. Some of them in a radical way.

Yes, I am getting old but I do not feel old yet. Maybe time has passed so fast I didn´t have time to realise it.

But the more I analyse it, the more I realise that I missed out a whole decade of my life without being aware of it.

One day you wake up and your life is completely different and good friends and circumstances are gone for ever.

I am sure we all have in our mind, fond memories of good old times that we suddenly remember and make us feel nostalgic.

No matter how hard some periods are, there will always be moments, details, people, and so on, that will fill our hearts with a warm feeling in the future.

So, take a good look around now because this moment will be a memory too, it will fly away and you will wish you could re-live this time once more. Some of the people who are by your side now, will be gone, some places and situations will change and nothing will be the same again.

You have been given this opportunity, this time-space-coordinate to live, experience and enjoy. Retrain your mind to be aware of the moment. Turn your autopilot off for a while, and pay attention to all the wonderful things that are happening to you right now. Do not allow the apparent bad and ugly things in life to keep you from living this moment that belongs to you by Divine Right.

You will miss this moment in the future, the memory will not be as clear as you will wish, but now is the moment you must pay attention to and enjoy.

The only reality is here and now. Enjoy it before this instant is just one more fading memory.





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