Problem creator


Every day we are exposed to lots of problems, with lots of variants, with lots solutions or decisions in front of us which lead to even more consequences.

Once we decide to deal with one of this “problems” we should find the root of it, and as a friend used to say: “Somebody must take the blame for this, and ain´t gonna be me.”

So, finding someone else to blame is not a difficult task. We usually do it immediately and automatically.

But then, finding a solution gets even more difficult. Linking the possible solution with our problem and expecting the one we blamed to take care of it, makes progress impossible.

But changing that mentality could benefit us immensely.

Once you decide to assume that your problems are your own creation, life will dramatically change for you.

When you realise that you have been creating most of the obstacles and difficulties in your path, and you change that mental image.  Things get lighter for you.

Once I decided to admit that I was the one allowing others to take advantage of me, that it was not their problem, but my own creation, things began to change in my life.  I had no longer the “need” to attract those people in my life and of course, different people appeared in my path when I decided that I was not going to allow that to happen anymore.

Accept who you are, accept you have been creating the good and the bad in your life and stop allowing things to go on like that.  Relearn to go with your nature and fall in love with your true self once again.

Remember that you are the main cause of your happiness. Do not give that power/responsibility to anybody else.

Keep yourself too busy working on your own self, that you cannot find time to criticise or hate, to regret or to worry, remember that those emotions take control of your life away from you. Do not give that authority to anyone else, since it only belongs to you.

When you are happy inside, your life will reflect it on the outside too.

Now that you know that you are the main creator and promotor of your problems and obstacles.  Remind yourself why you are still here.

Appreciate who you are now, be grateful for the good things around you now, remember to find a reason every day to feel happy and to share that happiness with others and stop putting rocks on your own path all the time.

Quit being a problem creator and become a solutions finder machine. You are more than capable to do it now.




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