This is Life


The morning Sun started to shine upon the river Thames as London was awakening to a new day.

The activity in Oxford St. was chaotic as usual, and a walk in Hyde Park was the best medicine for my exhausted soul.  That, and something good to eat. Body and soul are connected and good food is something that I enjoy very much.

I arrived at a very popular place in the area, the owner takes care of the kitchen since he is an excellent chef. I was happy to be there that day.

Watching him work was a real pleasure, he has the gift to make regular food look like a masterpiece.

He was completely focused on what he was doing and he seemed to enjoy it very much.

Every dish he prepared was perfect. The presentation, the elaboration and specially the flavour were just flawless.

You could easily say, that he loved his Job. Love was evident in every one of his plates.

He was always busy, surrounded by clients who waited sometimes for long periods of time to taste one of his creations.

Some people said that his secret was in his family recipes, others thought it was the ingredients he used.

But what matters is that his success was evident.  If you don’t arrive early, you will have to wait for a long time. Many times, he runs out of ingredients and goes home earlier.

That day, I arrived at his restaurant very early, I was the only customer so, I decided to ask him what he considered to be the secret of his success.

He looked at me with an amused look and told me that he has learnt to live the moment and love it at the same time.

“How so?” I asked.

“If I am preparing a sandwich, that is all I do. My mind is not wandering somewhere else, all that exists for me in that moment is that sandwich I need to make. I have trained my mind to focus on what I am doing without letting anything else to distract me.” He said with a smile in his face.

“Once my mind is centred in what I am doing, I begin to enjoy, really enjoy my work, that makes me do my best and love it at the same time.”

“That is my only secret” He concluded and went back to his kitchen with a very special spark in his eyes.

As I enjoyed a wonderful meal, I thought of all those lucky people who go every day to work loving what they do.

Most geniuses in history had a real passion for what they did. Most people who adore their activity, excel in it.

Have you found that thing that make your heart beat faster every morning as you get up to go and fulfil your purpose yet?

When everything around you seems to disappear as you do it, and you feel that you love that moment, you will know you have found it.







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