It´s for you (Note)

Thanks to our present schooling system, we are practically forced to study different subjects. Usually the average student just learns things to pass a test. After the examination they usually forget everything, if they don´t use that information often.

So, we are used, from a very young age, to learn as an obligation. Therefore, we take it as hard work and we tend to see it as something boring and difficult. Some parents even use it as a punishment. No wonder why we take it as a burden instead of a blessing.

As soon as we go out of school we feel “free” because we won´t need to keep reading books and studying weird subjects for hours. And we keep our concept on studying intact. Until one day we discover a topic we love.

Then, studying that subject becomes a pleasure. The more we are attracted by it, the more we spend time investigating about it.

It is until that moment that we understand the true pleasure of learning.

Nowadays, we do not give knowledge its real value, since we have got all information in our fingertips. With internet and smart devices, we are used to have all the information we need in seconds. We know it is there, in the air, waiting for us to tap on it.

But when you finish that “obligation” and began understanding the real blessing and enjoyment of learning, then your whole perspective changes.

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