That obstacle

I was in a hurry, I was walking faster than usual, and that means very fast because I always walk rapidly, when suddenly right after turning to the right on a corner, I found a huge tyre with a tree branch in the middle blocking the pavement.

Who had dared to leave that hindrance in the middle of the pavement??

“Someone might get hurt, didn´t you think of that when you left these things here?” I said in loud voice, in case the culprit was still around waiting to have a laugh when someone bumped into it.” But there was no one there.

I tried to move that big branch to clear the way, and when I began pulling it out I could see a big hole on the floor.  It looked like someone had fallen into it previously and then, in order to avoid someone else to fall again, they moved a big tyre and a tree branch to cover it and that way prevent more accidents.

I stood still there for a while.

I felt bad for thinking a negative thought as a first instance.

I was in a hurry with a thousand thoughts in my head and being interrupted by an obstacle in my way was not a pleasant event.

Unfortunately, my anguish of being late to my appointment did not allow me to see the danger right in front of me.  I only saw the “external appearance” and no the actual reason for the presence of those objects in the middle of a busy street.

My first thought was that this was a practical joke from a group of bored youngsters trying to get a laugh from unaware pedestrians like me, and I was mad about it, but after looking closer I realised the great effort of someone to keep other people from getting badly hurt.

That event made me think of all those times when I found an obstacle in my life and I got really mad for not getting what I desired, just to find out later that, that wish could have been a bad decision, something that could had lead me to a bad experience, and in the end, that hindrance had saved me from a damaging situation.

Then many images came to my mind of things, people, events etc., that appeared in my life apparently to make damage, to keep me from achieving something, to take away something I had or simply to stop me from moving forward that, analysing the results, in the end they made me a bigger good than I could have imagined in that moment.

Maybe those things that apparently are keeping you from reaching a goal, following a particular path or getting somewhere else, are miracles in disguise that are “protecting” you from doing something you could regret for the rest of your life.

Sometimes it seems as if a “hidden intelligence” is guiding us through life teaching us to listen to that inner voice we all usually take from granted.

Be thankful for those hindrances that appear in your path and learn to observe all the other alternatives that could lead you to a higher and brighter goal.

Remind yourself to learn from “that obstacle.”


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