Being you


We are living very interesting times.

It seems evident that the easiest thing in this life should be, being ourselves.

If you have born with a particular set of characteristics, gifts, things to learnt and to share with others. Being yourself should come easy and without any effort whatsoever.

But as amazing as it sounds, nowadays it has become one of the hardest things to achieve.

This society is teaching us that being who we are is not enough. We need to have certain requirements in order to fit into today’s perfect model.

Of course, nobody can accomplish such a task, but everybody is doing their best to show others that they can.

The “normal” image of what society considers to be a perfect life is extremely far from it.

We have become experts in “hiding” those things that make us look different, “strange” and out of “normality.”

So, these days we need to re-learn and know ourselves.  We need to remember who we are, what we really like and especially, learn to not “fake” our nature.

Media, internet, friends and family are trying to “teach” us what we need to be more “cool”, to get more friends and be among the popular. And the problem is not only that, the real problem is that we allow them to do that to us.

You can see people who force themselves to Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


4 thoughts on “Being you

  1. This is a very wonderful post! Every point was exactly…well…on point. I do relate to all to you have said, but I am so glad that I am all over that now. A year ago, I was stressed (not knowing I was) with trying to fit in, making grand efforts to try to post the best photos and show that I had the wonderful life like everybody else. But now I know that life truly is wonderful if you do not allow yourself to get sucked into it. There’s nothing more beautiful than a moment live with the sunset just enjoying it than trying to take a good photo of it, waste time that could have been used on looking at that sunset and becoming conscious of whether the post was cliche or horrible and relying on likes. If you want to take a photo, then take one and then don’t be pressured, I learned that. Thank you for posting this.

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  2. Thank you Meiji for visiting and for your lovely comment. Yes we need to re learn to go back to being ourselves and I as you say Enjoy our lives without depending on external factors. Thank you very much indeed

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  3. Wonderful post, Hector. I really feel for young people these days who are connected all day and night and feel a need to be “on.” One of the nice things about aging is it just doesn’t matter as much what others think. We get to bloom. I wish that for everyone.

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