You do not need to “share” all your experiences with the rest of the world.

Most of the things we really enjoy are things we cannot punt into words.

I know nowadays it is more important for many people to upload photos of their last trip to their social networks than taking the time to enjoy the moment for themselves.

The other day I was talking with a friend who told me that he had not taken any videos or photographs of his trip because I felt he lost a lot of time taking the photo instead of filling his mind and soul with that moment.  

He said he had really enjoyed more his trip that way, but that as his friends didn´t see any pictures on his social networks, they did not believe he made that trip.

But when another friend pretended to “speak” in front of a microphone and uploaded that photograph, everybody thought she was really working on a real TV program.

It seems social networks are being used nowadays to pretend we are living a wonderful and fantastic life through our photographs and comments.  That is giving them a power we will not be able to control in the near future.

You can see a sports car parked in the street and soon take your “selfie” pretending to be getting in that car and add a comment: “Hey guys, how do you like my new car…” or something like that.   To you it could be a joke but believe it or not other people might take it as something serious and that is creating a new inferiority issues around the world.

I have seen some cases like that.  People believing that what their friends publish online is totally true. That has caused many envies and hatred right in front of my eyes.  You might think nobody will take it serious when you can easily see it is just pretending, but believe me, there are many people who take it as the truth and the worst is that organized criminal organizations are looking at them too.

But your best memories are not those you can see in your electronic devices.  Most of them are imbedded in your heart and soul.

When you want to relive a beautiful moment in your mind, you do not go and open your mobile or tablet, you close your eyes and in the screen of your mind you live once more that event.

You can upload a wonderful photo of the last beach you visited, but you will never be able to describe the delightful feeling of the Sun on your skin, the salty flavour in your lips, the unbelievable smell of the sea, that amazing sense of inner peace when you saw that sunset, etc.

You can boast your brand-new love and let everybody know you just left the “singles” team.  But how could you describe in your online profile the myriad of sensations your whole body had in that first kiss, the electricity that goes through your nerves when your significant other looks at your eyes and says: “I miss you”, you have got the point now.

I know some people “live” the life they wish to have through their social networks, but it would be wise to stop “sharing” online so many superfluous things and begin enjoying and focusing on our “here and now” so we can experience the moment with the maximum intensity.

After all, in the end the most important thing is that you remember the experience, not what others believe or think about you.

Begin enjoying your wordless experiences in life and keep them into your trunk of memories.







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