Thank you!

Thank you for those bad Mondays, because they gave me the opportunity to start a better week.

Thank you for those rude people who crossed my path, because thanks to them I can appreciate the kindness of other strangers.

Thank you for those mistakes in my youth, because now I can understand my children better.

Thank you for that scolding I received on time, because now I can tell right from wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know I was wrong, because now I can see the difference.

Thank you for mistreating me, because now I have learnt to respect all people regardless of their appearance, race or beliefs.

Thank you for those wars, because now I cherish these times of peace.

Thank you for those times of hunger, because now I have learnt to share and treasure my food.

Thank you for those who lied, because now I understand the value of truth.

Thank you for taking the time to guide me through darkness, for now I can appreciate and share the Light.

Thank you for those times of poverty, because now I appreciate and share my goods.

Thank you for hurting me, because now I am stronger and a little wiser.

Thank you for my lacks, because now I am more aware of other people´s needs.

Thank you for showing me my ignorance, because I am still learning to gain some knowledge.

Thank you for your patience, because now I know the value of tolerance. And I try to apply it when dealing with others.

Thank you for those moments of anguish, because now I feel so blessed now that I can finally breath.

Thank you for my arrogance, because it guided me to people who really knew and accomplished important things in life, they showed me my true level in the universe.

Thank you for the narcissists, because they left me on the floor and I learnt to stand up once more.

Thank you for those accidents and obstacles that changed my life, because they lead me to more adventurous paths.

Thank you for the bad and ugly that appeared in the least expected moments, because now I have learnt to search the beauty in every situation.

Thank you for the sadness and loneliness, for they have taught me the beauty of my own company.

Thank you for those times I did not get what I wanted, because I always received something greater instead.

Thank you for teaching me through the good and the bad things in my life to love who I am and to stop trying to fool myself by justifying my own failures.

And thank YOU, for being YOU and being here.

Now let us continue our journey with a heart full of gratitude.







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