They see you


Probably you have not realised how many people are observing you now.

What you are doing or not doing, what you say, what you do not say, what you are supposed to accomplish and what they are still waiting for you to achieve.

They have formed their concept about you, with what they see from the outside.

But how do things look from the inside?

Probably you feel there are too many incomplete things in your life right now. You know all those things you have been wanting to start, but for “some external reasons” you have not found the “right moment” to begin. Right?

Sometimes you feel like a loser, you underestimate yourself and feel like a fraud. But believe it or not, they in the outside world, admire you. They think you are doing great.

They actually envy your life and would love to have a life like yours.

But what do they know? They do not know the details, they are not walking in your shoes.  They have no idea of all the things you have failed to do, all the things you have been procrastinating and how lethargic you feel sometimes.

“If they all knew, probably they would not admire you or even think something good about you” you keep telling yourself.

But they are watching you, and yes, they might Would you like to read more of this and other similar articles? Please click here


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