They see you


Probably you have not realised how many people are observing you now.

What you are doing or not doing, what you say, what you do not say, what you are supposed to accomplish and what they are still waiting for you to achieve.

They have formed their concept about you, with what they see from the outside.

But how do things look from the inside?

Probably you feel there are too many incomplete things in your life right now. You know all those things you have been wanting to start, but for “some external reasons” you have not found the “right moment” to begin. Right?

Sometimes you feel like a loser, you underestimate yourself and feel like a fraud. But believe it or not, they in the outside world, admire you. They think you are doing great.

They actually envy your life and would love to have a life like yours.

But what do they know? They do not know the details, they are not walking in your shoes.  They have no idea of all the things you have failed to do, all the things you have been procrastinating and how lethargic you feel sometimes.

“If they all knew, probably they would not admire you or even think something good about you” you keep telling yourself.

But they are watching you, and yes, they might see only a part of your story and get inspired and motivated by that external view. But you know what? You are doing the same.

You have been inspired and guided by the life and acts of other people who have been questioning themselves in the same way you are doing now.

Nobody have a perfect life, nobody can accomplish all their goals, we all are humans with virtues and defects and although we cannot see and/or understand what those people we admire are really going through inside their hearts, we have found relief and inspiration in their examples.

So, do not overwhelm yourself with the idea of leading a perfect life, or with pretending, to the eyes of others, that you are living one.

You are more than beautiful and perfect with all your flaws and merits.

You have been educated to live in mediocrity because when you begin to shine with your true colours, they tell you that you lack modesty.

And I am not telling here that you must to blow your own horn all the time, but just to realise you are more than you believe you are.

And do what you must to be happy.  Then the others who are watching, will follow your example.

But remember, you have been doing the best you could with what you had and with what you knew at the moment, your life is perfect as it is now, but you can always improve it and achieve more.

But do it for yourself, not to impress anyone else.  If you are doing things to chase their attention, approval or acceptance, then you are wasting your time.

There are many things in life that if you do not receive them freely, are not worth having.

Keep doing your best now. Keep enhancing yourself every day, do things to make you happy and if in the process, you can make other people happy and inspire them to do the same, fine.  But do not let that to be your main motivation.

Yes, they are watching, but only you know what is the whole picture behind the view.

Choose to be better today. Do it for you.







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