Stay out


Insomnia is a very harmful illness that is becoming very common these days.

Recent studies are reaffirming what Chinese medicine said centuries ago: Sleeping after midnight is not as beneficial as going to bed earlier.  The human body has an internal natural clock that regulates different functions of our organism.

Going to sleep around nine or ten pm will give us a better rest and definitely will help your body to recover faster, according to these studies.

But when your mind is awake in the middle of the night and for some reason you cannot go back to sleep immediately, your mind begins to wander, your problems begin to look bigger and scarier than they really are.

And you know very well, what happens when you begin to think about your problems at the wee hours of the night.

Your mind tends to magnify the situations, and everything seems much more difficult and complicated than before.

My main suggestion: Never believe those negative things your mind says about your problems during an attack of insomnia.

Under the Sunlight things are clearer, and even in the hardest situation, we can handle everything in a better and wiser way.

But if you invite those same nocturnal deliberations to escort you during the daytime, fear could easily block you and keep you from finding the right answer.

When things get rough and solutions are out of your sight, the best thing to do is keep yourself busy so you can stay out of your worries. The busiest you get, the calmer you will be and, therefore, the fastest your answers will appear. Just let go of emotions and stay out of your negative thoughts.

The answers you need are out there, go out and allow yourself to find them. Do not let sadness to take you to a corner, go out and stay out of your adverse emotions. The longer you stay locked in your problems, the faster depression will arrive.

Go out, walk, make some exercise, free your mind from stress and torture and things will get better sooner than you think. Answers will arrive the moment you least expect them, and you will be in control of your life faster than you think.

Activity is not only the best way to deal with stress, it is the fastest way to find and implement solutions.

Next time you are under pressure, allow yourself to take a deep breath and go out to find your solutions. And do not forget to stay out of your negativity, so your answers arrive faster and clearer.









3 thoughts on “Stay out

  1. Wonderful advice, Hector. Being active, outdoors, and well-rested is a great way to deal with nagging stress. I have a fencepost in the garden where I tend to leave my worries when thinking about them doesn’t do any good. They’re there if I want them back, which I rarely do. 😀

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