What comes next…


I remember when I used to get very nervous when things got difficult and I was not able to see the end of the tunnel.  When life´s colours were of the darkest nature and everything seemed to be doomed to failure. I felt lost and terrified.

It took me years of getting up and falling again, to try and fail and of learning and relearning the same lessons again and again, to realise that what comes next might not be as bad/terrible as it seems at first.

I used to give up as soon as things got difficult, as soon as I could not see the end of the road and when people told me that I was a lost case with no hope whatsoever.  That is, I gave up constantly.

But one day you get tired of listening to what the others try to put into your mind, you stop believing and living the life others are trying to impose you and then you begin to shine with your own true colours.

That day you decide to trust yourself, trust Life and trust what comes next.

When you learn to let go of fear, doubt and get yourself out of your own way, those events they call miracles begin to appear in your life.

When you start believing with all your heart that you will be alright, things will be back to normal and your life will be even better than before, you allow Mother Nature to take control of the situation once more, and as soon as you release that need to control everything around you, things, people and situations begin to change.

I am not saying that I do not worry, doubt or fear anything anymore, I just do not feed them and keep them in my heart for a long time.

As humans, we will live with them our whole lives, they have a perfect reason to exist in our natural programming. But once we remember who we are and how powerful we are, when we align our mind with the Universe and we keep our attention and intention looking forward for the good outcomes in our future.  Nature´s forces move and do their work flawlessly.

But coming to accept that as our reality is not as easy as it sounds. Doubt will always lurk in our subconscious mind and fear is there for our own protection.  It will only happen through an intense work with our own mind.

Look at your own life and learn from your own falls and failures, gather the strength from your past catastrophes, remember those times when you lost someone you loved, and Life brought you another wonderful person, who did not substitute the one your lost, but this new one shared new paths with you.

Remember those painful struggles that appeared so endless at that time, but brought you greater success, wisdom and growth in the end.

Recall when you felt so alone and powerless, how scary the view appeared before your eyes as your strength began to wane.

And you survived!

You are still here wiser and stronger than ever, and this time you will survive and be happy once more.

You know very well, deep in your heart, that you will make it through, whatever comes next. You are ready now.



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