Your power


In a time when everybody is competing with everyone else, sometimes we find people who seem to have everything we haven’t got, people who know everything we ignore, and people who can do everything we are unable to do.

There are times when we feel inferior, suddenly you find yourself in a group of people with higher experience, knowledge and strength, and it is then when you begin to underestimate yourself. Comparisons are never good, they are totally unnecessary.

Most times it is a good practice to take advantage of that situation and learn as much as you can from them. That is a great way to get experience and increase your knowledge.

In my case, it took me some time to learn and appreciate the opportunity to be in a team with the best of the best. Even when I was the youngest and most inexperienced person in that group, I never allowed myself to feel intimidated by the others, and in the end, I can say for sure that it has been one of the best lessons In my life.

I learned a very important lesson: “Being you, is your real power.”

Nobody else in the whole universe have got your smile, your intelligence, your natural gifts, your life experiences, your education and natural-born talents.

You are an exceptional being with inimitable characteristics that make you especial, and once you realize that, it becomes your main super power.

When you can see your own magnificence, and regain your self-trust, your self-confidence increases and the whole world notices it.

You begin then to shine with your own True Light, and instead of pretending or trying to be someone else, you begin to enjoy your own personality and the need to emulate external patterns of behaviour disappear.

We are constantly being taught by the media that we need to behave in a certain way, eat a certain food, wear certain clothes, possess certain devices, etc.

So, we waste a lot of valuable time trying to be someone we are not thus deprive us from our real power.

Frequently, we ignore the fact that there are many people around us who are jealous of our qualities, if you would only know what others really think of you, you would be very surprised.

Love yourself with all your flaws and gifts, and keep in mind all the time that being you is high priority and your major strength.

Fall in love with yourself first, so the rest of the world can see how wonderful you really are.










One thought on “Your power

  1. This is such a positive, fabulous post, Hector. One of my favorites. I love the fact that we all have superpowers – the power of individuality – a singular unique unrepeatable life in the whole universe forever!. 🙂


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