I’ve been listening lately to many people complaining about the rest of the world.

I have witnessed how people are organizing more protests against injustice, bad governments, unfair treatment against women children and animals all over the world, how more organizations are marching throughout the main avenues of the great capitals of the world.

People everywhere are mad due to those and many other things. They are like untrained Soldiers ready to die and kill in order to stop the violence.

That sounds like an interesting paradox don’t you think?

There are too many people complaining about what others are doing wrong, but few, are trying to change themselves so they can set the parameters for that new order they yearn so much to see as their reality.

How can you criticize those who are hurting the planet, when you cannot even take care of your own body and soul?

How can you hate those who are mistreating people in other countries, when you cannot control your anger towards the members of your own family?

Do we really hate their mistakes, or what we despise is our own reflection in those mirrors?

How can we ask from others, what we cannot even give to ourselves? How can we expect results from the outside, when we cannot even organize our inside?

You can scream and say everything you want, but as long as you don’t preach through your actions, you will not be able to inspire true change in others.

It is time to take off your bathrobe and put your armour on.

It is time to stop looking for imperfections in the outside and correct the ones that are within us.

Do you want honesty? Be honest yourself. Do you want justice? Begin by being just with yourself and the rest of the universe.

Are you lacking something? Start to be the source of it, at any level you can.

If you need to see abundance in your life, begin sharing what you’ve got.

Whatever you do not like in others, see if it is not in you first, and if it is, change it. Most times you will see it disappear in the others too.

Be the pioneer, the first one to open the track. Show others that it can be done, that it is possible.

Be the reason for others to believe in goodness one more.

If you cannot begin the changes within, how can you ask to see them without?



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