There is lately a widely extended fear to be alone.

I know many people who actually prefer to be in a destructive relationship than being on their own.

This fear has grown so much in our society, that is now considered as a very serious illness known by many different names: monophobia, autophobia, Isola phobia, among others.

Although there are different levels in these phobias. Most people present one or more symptoms at the same time.

A friend of mine has gone through five or six terrible relationships in a row, repeating the same patterns, attracting each time the same kind of person, and following exactly the same path in each case.

Most of us are born alone, except for twins, triplets etc. But they are each an individual too, with their own characteristics, character, tastes, personality and so forth.

As individuals, we are meant to grow alone, learn on our own, and leave this world unaccompanied.

Our Interactions with other people are a part of our “group lessons” they are a very important part of our training and, an essential one.

But when those Interactions become an obsession, or they hinder our personal growth, we need to stop and work on them immediately.

Dependencies are another kind of illnesses that we must address immediately since they are as destructive as all the phobias.

Doing things alone it’s a privilege that we need to enjoy once more.

If you remember how to enjoy your own company, you will be able to grow faster, learn better and love others more intensely.

When you love your own company, you will see how easier is to love everyone else.

When you can do things on your own, as well as with other people dependency has no reason to exist and then, you will be really free.

Besides, being with yourself alone gives you a power you cannot get any other way.

I am not saying that you should become a recluse, that you should avoid all social contact, enjoying the company of others is also necessary and beautiful, but society nowadays is pushing us to both extremes: either you forget to love your solitude while you create a dependency on others, or you isolate yourself from the rest of the world.  Both extremes can guide you to self-destruction.

Being alone will give you strength, knowledge and self-assurance. Besides, it is the best way to know if you are with someone for love or for loneliness. And last but not least, it is finding the joy of your own company.







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