External voices


One of the main mistakes we make when we are trying to start a new adventure in life, is paying more attention to the external voices than to our heart.

It is true that sometimes even our inner voice, loves to paint a black panorama in front of our eyes, but when we focus too much heed on the negativity in it, things are doomed to go wrong.

Do you remember how many times people, even your loved ones gave you more than a thousand “reasons” why things wouldn’t work out, and in the end, everything went even better then you had imagined?

I am not saying here then asking for advice is a bad thing or a bad idea, we are supposed to learn from the experience of others, but unfortunately most times we ask for advice to people who have never achieve anything in the particular field that we are trying to explore 

So, for example, if you have never climbed a mountain, and you are even afraid to try it, would you feel comfortable and qualified to give advice to someone who is eager to discover a new passion?

Have you ever wondered, how many times have you asked for advice to people who are not qualified or who do not want to see you succeed?

I know it’s very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to verify the credentials of every person you ask advice from, but it would be safer to choose who is the people who has some experience in the field you are researching.

Probably you have lost too many opportunities already for listening to the fear or envy of others.

Probably you are right now doing some research for your next venture or new life style and your “friends” are already giving you all the “whys and wherefores” why your plan or idea is going to fail and why you should not even think about trying it, since the cousin of a friend of a friend of them, did exactly the same and failed horribly, right?

You have already been through too many trials and failures, you have wined sometimes and learnt the others, you have received great advice from well-intentioned people and you have received misleading information from well-and-not-so-well intentioned people around you.

Nevertheless, you are here with a great set of skills and knowledge that you did not have before.

They say that if you are excited and nervous about a new project, that means you are on the right track.

So, this time listen to your heart and learn to trust your guts once more. You have been there before, you will succeed, sooner or later. As long as you believe in yourself, trust the Universe and let go of the worries and “hows.”

Soon you will be contemplating your success from high places once more.





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