Your gift to the universe

We usually receive gifts on Christmas, our birthday, and some other special occasions.

Some of us are used to wake up in the morning under a roof, with nice blankets and most times a good breakfast waiting for us on the table. We see it so natural, that we forget to be grateful for all those blessings we receive every day.

There are some people who are open and willing to receive, but there are others who feel they do not deserve it.

In some cases, not being “open to receive” is as bad as not being willing to share your good with others.

Due to certain “social parameters” we are taught to be modest and to remain quiet, so we do not “bothers others”, at least in my case, I was advised as a child to rather be quiet and wait than asking for favours. So, many times I remained quiet when I needed help and in many ocasions the results were disastrous.

After many hard falls, I learnt the lesson. Now I ask for help when I am in need, and I am humble enough to receive it.

But some other times, when I saw people in need I failed to offer my hand because I felt I was not enough, too small, or too unimportant to help them in any effective way.

It was very difficult to me to realise that my main contribution to this universe is being my real self.

To comprehend that it is our uniqueness what makes us important and powerful, is one of the most difficult endeavours nowadays. We are being taught to behave, dress and think in very particular ways. Not doing so, put us “outside normality.”

But we are here, and we are as we are because this local reality need us with all our “defects and virtues.” Because it is our “distinctiveness” that this Universe needs us as a very important piece of this huge puzzle.

Hidding your true nature just to be someone you are not, is not only affecting your life but this whole local reality.  You are here to be you, no one else can compare to you, no one else can do what you can do, you are the only one in all these multiverses who can do what you have come to do this time.

No one else is qualified to fill your shoes. No one else will ever live on this planet with your same characteristics, wisdom and personal power.  So, go out now and remember who you really are.

We need you as you are, this whole universe is waiting for you to shine with your own particular light.

Be proud of who you are and let the world know it.

You are inimitable and allowing yourself to be the real you is your main contribution to the Universe.


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