The crowd


Every day I am seeing more and more examples of the influence of the masses on very valuable people.

Thinking by yourself is something you can do very easily, but sharing your thoughts and opinions with others is what turns out to be very difficult nowadays.

I was talking the other day with some friends, and two of them began talking about international politics, one of them, the one who was most passionate about his views, was doing most of the talking, my other friend just agreed with everything the other said.

I know him well, so I couldn’t understand why he was agreeing with points of view completely opposite to his own.

I understood after a while, that he was actually avoiding confrontation with our friend.

And I prefer to avoid confrontations too, I have learned that every person forms his or her own opinions based on their education, life experiences, and environment.

But if I do not wish to engage in a debate, I rather remain silent than approving radical views from others, that seems to me like a lack of respect to the other person and self-betraying my beliefs.

I always allow the other person to express freely his or her opinions and thoughts, but I don’t like to agree with something that goes against my principles just to appear friendly to others, in those cases I choose to remain quiet or to change the subject of the conversation.

Of course, your reality could be very different to the opinions of others, therefore those opinions cannot define your reality. But remember, those opinions define theirs. So, do not try to impose them your views and ideas, because you could be more wrong then you think.

Yes, you have learned from your own experiences, but by exchanging life anecdotes, ideas, thoughts, life lessons, and so on, you are learning to listen to others, and this is still a very valid and wonderful way to learn as well.

Doing so, you can learn from life experiences that probably you won’t be able to experience by yourself, listening to others will give you the opportunity to learn through their experiences and to enrich the quality of your own knowledge.

Do not blame yourself for ignoring something before you learned it, give yourself the opportunity to learn more, become more, and share more, remember you are a teacher and a student at the same time, and we are all sharing this human experience to evolve and return to our source.

We are all in this mission to contribute through our life to enrich and enlighten this Universe.

So, stop following the crowd, be true to yourself and contribute in the way only you can achieve.







5 thoughts on “The crowd

  1. I had to sit with this a while, Hector. There are some pretty radical and destructive things being said in the world right now, in my country. I’m not one to nod and agree with opinions I don’t share, but silence is tough for me too, especially when people are being harmed. I think there are opportunities to come together in discussion, and curiosity is a great mindset when exploring other points of view. But when a person is hostile and hateful or so entrenched in their opinions that conversation is impossible, then what? I don’t want to become another angry voice on a rant, but I still feel the need to speak up, or I’ll feel complicit.

    Someone said something to me that was so insightful I never forgot it – speak up, but speak up for all the things you cherish – love, kindness, fairness, equality, generosity, respect…. Speak up loudly and fiercely, not against, but for. Wonderful and evocative post, my friend. 😀

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  2. I’m still learning. It’s so tricky because we don’t want to be silent, but we don’t want to join the divisive shouting voices. Speaking up for all the good things helps us stay heart-centered and hopefully will bring others on board, too. ❤ I love your blog, Hector. You always encourage me to reflect.

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  3. Thank you Diana! It is always an honour to receive your visits and your comments!! Yes we all need to speak up for all the good things, there are already too many people focusing on the negative and doing nothing about it. We need to start the change inside out! Blessings!

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  4. I do believe all of the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for novices. May just you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.


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