One of the things I admire the most of some of my elderly friends is their optimism and cheerful disposition.

They are always happy and despite their own personal problems, they always have a smile on their faces, that is why they are still alive I think.

I did some voluntary work in London in elderly houses a few years ago. One day I was talking with one of my friends there and I was telling him about a problem that looked unsurmountable to me at the time. I could not see a way out of that situation and I felt everything was lost for me.

When I finished telling my friend about my problem, he began laughing loudly while looking at me amusingly. 

I sat there looking at him trying to understand what was so funny for him, while to me, it was the worst tragedy in the history of humankind.

After a while he stopped laughing and apologised. He asked me not to take it too personal, but he just remembered his younger years when he learnt to take things in a lighter way.

“When things got rough, I liked to cheer myself up in the same way we cheered our favourite rugby team at my school!” He said with a smile in his face, his eyes reflected a mix between nostalgy and sweetness.

“I became my best personal supporter, something very similar to what you now call cheerleaders!” He continued with a big warm smile.

“I had no one  around me to support me and convince me that everything was alright and that I was capable to do anything I wanted, so I had to assume that role myself.  I became my one and only personal motivator!”

“And I can tell you that every time things looked appallingly impossible!! I was able to come up with the best cheers of encouragement for myself! I became my number one admirer!” He said as he clapped his hands in celebration.

And yes, he was actually celebrating his achievements past present and future at that very moment.


I now celebrate my present achievements and even my failures for I am the only one who is really concerned about them, and I am sure that if we became the presidents of our own private fan club, life would be much better.

And I am not talking here about blowing your own horn, but to motivate ourselves to be better, to reach higher, and to give the best of ourselves in everything we do every day.

I often think of my friend cheering himself up and celebrating his past, his present, and the coming events. I am trying to follow his example and I am now convinced, more than ever, that the best is yet to come. Hurray!!

4 thoughts on “Hurray!

  1. Hector, your always seem to bring out the best in all of the diverse people you encounter in your journeys. That is such a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing what you learn with others. 🙂

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