One of the most wonderful things about literature is that it could be timeless.

You can write a chronicle right now about events that took place thousands of years ago, you can start a story in an undetermined era and create a delightful narrative about an ageless period.

I have read books with teachings written centuries ago and its concepts are still valid and relevant nowadays. You can learn from them as if they had been written this morning and applying that wisdom to your daily life is as suitable as if you were living back then.

That is the magic of writing. You are pouring your heart into a blank page that will be read by someone in an unpredictable moment and they will know what was into your heart even centuries after you are gone.

In these next chapters I share my thoughts and life experiences with you with the spirit of letting you know what was into my heart at the moment of penning these articles.

My main ambition is to share with you these set of ideas, so you can find your own positions and conclusions.  If I am able to achieve that with you, then my efforts will have been worthy.

So, to you my reader, wherever you are in this space-time coordinate, thank you for sharing this journey and taking the time to explore my thoughts.

These are still a set of dialogues with my inner-self that I share with you with the ambition to create the curiosity to start your own.

These Universe is eternal in many ways, but our mind cannot handle those concepts. The idea of an endless universe cannot be conceived by our limited concepts, but the idea of a timeless universe is easier to visualise.

These chapters are full of thoughts, ideas, life experiences and crazy viewpoints you might, or you might not agree with, but that is the brilliant side of life, we all have our own opinions and we are free the share them with the world or keep them to ourselves.  I believe they will be more useful if we share them, so we can know what is in the head of others and that can even help us change our mind about things or clarify our concepts.

Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I enjoyed the writing.

May this be the beginning of many more travels through time and space together.

Timeless. Amazon




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