I cannot learn for you

For you who want to learn everything right now.

Sometimes we wish other people would know what we know, and they could do what we do and be as good as we are at doing some things.

We get frustrated when our children or those people close to us cannot see the world the same way we do.  We think that if only they could see things from our own perspective, things would be so much easier for them.

It is so difficult sometimes trying to explain some situations when we see them from the outside.  But for the people “inside” things look complex and overwhelming.  And of course, we cannot understand why they cannot see things that are so “obvious” to us.

But in these cases, we are guilty as well, we rarely stop to think than the others have a very different learning path then our own.  They do need to go through the difficulties and “problems” they are facing now in order to grow and become wiser.  In fact, you are doing the same thing right now, that is why we are all here.         

And on the other side, later you shift places with them, so they will be looking at your mistakes and “problems” with the same frustration that you are looking at them right now.

I cannot learn to do something in your behalf.  You need to try and get your own experience, so you can really learn and apply that learning to your own life.

For instance, I had to learn how to skate on my own. I had to try and fail, I had to fall down hundreds of times, I had to bruise my knees endless occasions until I was able to control my balance and my brain got the “knack” to do it. So, I was a good roller skater in my teens.

But I cannot do all the work, so you can learn the lesson too.

Yes, there are a few things you can learn from the experience of others, you can avoid many disgraces by learning from the mistakes of outsiders but, most things, you need to live, fall and get up once more so you can really get the lesson.

You must become skilled on your own, it is part of the excitement of life. Your growth depends on your willingness to experience this universe on your own skin.

I am learning too, that is why I am still here. You are getting trained to become a better you.   I cannot do all the work for you, but we can learn together.

Yes, I can share my experiences with you, I can share my perspectives with you, I can tell you how I did it but, you have the opportunity right now to gather your own know-hows, to build up your own baggage and to achieve your own goals, so in the future you can share it with me and others who will appear in your path eager to learn as well.

I cannot do the work in your behalf, but I am here with you to share the experience. And a shared road feels less steep and rough.

After all we are all on the same boat.





7 thoughts on “I cannot learn for you

  1. “Your growth depends on your willingness to experience this universe on your own skin.” What a beautiful line. I love this post, Hector, and the final statement that we are all on the same boat – in this together. ❤

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