Living in these times, it’s a very exciting and challenging adventure.

Information is always at your fingertips, and you can communicate with people around the world in real-time almost anywhere.

These great advances are making our lives easier in some areas, but very difficult in others.

Do you know what I think we need the most now?

We need to remember how to trust again.

Trust in ourselves, trust in a higher power, trust in our own capacities and abilities, trust that there are more good than bad people in the world… Just trust again.

And I am not talking about being naive, or just foolishly opening your heart to anyone or anything suddenly appearing in your life.

I am not asking you here to lower your guard and becoming an open target to any poacher out there.

What I am trying to convey here, is that giving trust another chance will not make you weaker, on the contrary, I want you to be stronger once more.

When doubt creeps into your mind, it weakens your natural protection shields and create an adverse atmosphere around you, therefore creating the results you were so afraid to get.

When you trust, it shows.

Have you seen those people who seem to have everything under control? you might think they do not know what fear is, since even when things get rough, they seem to always have a card under their sleeve. They give the impression that they always get what they want and there are not obstacles capable to stop them.

I have been able to talk to some people who have achieved amazing things in different areas, and once they open their heart to you, you realise that things are not as they appeared to be.  Most times they were afraid to death, but they kept going forwards despite the fear, the uncertainty and what others had to say.

Most times, they have no idea what the next step is, nevertheless they trust themselves, they trust in a higher power, or they just trust that things will be better soon, they just do not lose that conviction.

I know you have heard that story many times, I am sure you have actually lived similar things in your life.

And based on that, I can tell you that right now is an excellent time for you to dust off your trust and give yourself a chance once more.

If you are going through a dark moment right now, and you have no idea what the next step is, then congratulations you are about to begin a new adventure.

It’s up to you to decide if you are going to face it with trust or fear. That is your right to decide, just keep in mind that depending on that decision, is what you can expect the end result to be.

Use your past experiences as a foundation for your trust, you have done it before and you will do it again many times, you will win once more, and you will learn once more too.

Be one in a million in this modern world, show the rest of the universe that your strength will lift you higher this time.

Trust your inner voice, trust that you are not alone, trust that the Sun will come out tomorrow for everyone again.

That trust might create the difference you have been waiting for all this time.



2 thoughts on “Trust!

  1. Thank you D! yes, trust is sometimes very difficult to do, but once you decide to give it a try it is really powerful!! Thank you for visiting and commenting!

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