I cannot control this

Yes, I admit it. I cannot control the headlines in all the newspapers I read, but I can control what articles I read from beginning to end.

I cannot control how politicians are handling the problems we are having in our planet right now, but I can do my best efforts to do my part to make this universe a better place to live. I am convinced that if everyone would only do their part, instead of being criticising and pretending to tell others what they should do or think, this whole universe would be a different place.

I cannot control what people believe to be the best solutions to every problem we are facing as human beings, but I can decide to do everything in my power to work on solutions I can do something to make them real. We might differ on what the best solutions should be for some problems, but the only way we will find out is to do something and try them.

I cannot control every bad thing that appears in my life, but I can decide to search for the bright side of every situation and work as hard as possible to find the lesson in every hindrance I face.  Probably I will not be able to fix every problem, but I will make sure I learn something from it at least.

I cannot control how the others will react to my mistakes, but I can control the way I respond to my faults, keeping in mind that most times I am trying my best and that I am perpetually learning with every step.

I cannot control the words that come from other people´s mouths, but I can direct the way I allow them to affect my moods.

I cannot control the weather during the day, but I can decide to enjoy it whether is sunshine, rain or snow. I have created great memories in every season and I relive them in my mind very often.

I cannot control how the others interpret my words and deeds, but I can do my best for being honest and keep the purity of intention every day as much as possible. So, I will not cause any harm on any sentient being.

I cannot control what will you be thinking after you read this article, but I can expect for the best for you once you realise that your real power resides in understanding this simple truth: “You always have control of what happens inside of you, regardless of what happens in the outside, never give that power away, if you lose it for a while, do everything in your power to get it back. Your life might depend on it.”

You cannot control what will happen next in your life, but now you can remember that you have got the power to change your feelings and attitude, and therefore, the way things will develop afterwards.





2 thoughts on “I cannot control this

  1. Yes, we can choose how to respond to the people and events occurring around us. I know it seems like the world is a pretty dark place right now, but history tells us that there’s always been goofy people and events in the world. It’s just that the combination of social and news media seems to shove it in our face a lot more prominently than in the past.

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