Re-learning to be relaxed and calmed is one of the most fundamental, yet difficult thing to do nowadays.

If you live in a big city, all you have to do is to look around you and the sight of people everywhere makes you feel uneasy. Or you can watch the news every day, it has the same result.

Everybody is rushing and minding their own business. I have seen people passing by an elderly person who just fell, and they do not even stop to try to give him a hand. They do not even look at them anymore.

I do not want to start the: “In my time, people were more concerned and kinder…” monologue, but I am really impressed by the way society is heading nowadays.

No matter what country I visit, I am seeing a very radical change in people all over the world, and I cannot say I am very happy about that difference.

Anxiety is a new illness growing in a very notable way in our hearts.

This excess of worry is fooling our mind into believing that we are not enough, that there is something wrong with us and keeps us from growing and understanding our true nature.

Unfortunately, like any pandemic symptom, it is spreading everywhere, and it seems nothing is stopping it.

It is so contagious that even If you believe you are immune to it, it grabs you in the middle of the night and keeps you from sleeping. It fills your mind with the most terrible thoughts and crams your heart with fear and more uneasiness.

It robs your self-confidence, convincing your mind that you are not strong enough, good enough or capable enough to do something. Even the simplest things you have done many times before.

It exaggerates the “obstacles” in your path, to make you think you cannot achieve your goals and dreams.

And the worst effect it has in you, is influencing you to believe that this is how you will be for the rest of your life.

Being conscious of these effects, is the best way to prevent this uneasiness to control our whole body and soul, our whole life.

Being aware of its power is our best defence at the same time.

Decide to take control of your mind. Remember that you are an old soul living a human experience and learning and re-learning your lessons while you get stronger and wiser in the process.

Keeping in mind that more than what happens to us, is our reaction to it, will give us that extra strength we need to keep going through life.

Reprogram your mind to love the person who you are now, not only the person you used to be or the one you wanted to be.  You are very valuable right now, with your virtues and defects. You are a wonderful divine being making your mark in this universe and without you, the whole world cannot continue its evolution.

You are a very important part of this whole puzzle. You are a key piece, without you we cannot accomplish what the Universe needs to complete.

Go out and do your part, do what only you can do and remember that you will always be alright.

Never again allow uneasiness take control of your soul for a long time.  Stop, take a deep breath, remember who you are and continue your journey.

You are not alone, we are all in the same boat with you.






4 thoughts on “Uneasiness

  1. Thank you James! I have been doing some traveling with little access to the internet but here I am once more! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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