In my humble opinion there is nothing more frustrating than waiting.

Yes, I confess: I am very impatient. I hate having to wait for a long time. I usually like things to be there, ready for me instead of having to kill time while I receive what I want.

And, of course, this has brought me many headaches in my life throughout the years.

Specially when things are going wrong, I would like to discover a magic spell to make things change course immediately.

But, as you already know, this is not possible and to understand why things should be that way, is something most times I am not very good at.

Yes, I know Life has its own timing. Yes, I know good things have a process to go through and I am supposed to let things take their own rhythm, so I do not get in the way interfering their arrival at the right time.

I am just saying, sometimes, (ok most times), waiting for the bad streaks to change is infuriating.

When things are going bad and I want, need, hope and crave to change them, time seems to go slower.

I begin to worry situations will stay the same for years or will never change. And that thought is scary.

But as soon as I begin to feel anxious and doubt begins to crawl into my heart, I remember that time when I saw a friend driving a Porsche 911 turbo from 0 to 100 mph in just 13 seconds.

Life beats that mark millions of times. Just think of those occasions when everything looked dark and gloomy and suddenly something happened and in just a second your life change 180° when it seemed impossible to happen.

I am sure you have had many experiences like that, in both directions.  Your life has changed for good. That what we call miracle emerged and the light appeared at the end of the tunnel, (and it was not a train coming your way to run you over.)

Nowadays, I see people worrying too much because many things in the world seem to be hopeless for many countries.  But if you go back to your History books, you will see that these are not the worst times in the history of humanity.  We had survived even worst situations and we are all still here, as a human race, wiser, stronger and more evolved. (Although it is almost impossible to believe, after seen the 10 O´clock news, I know)

Even if you cannot see the answer to your present situation, remain assured that there is a solution for every problem we find in our path. Sometimes the answer is not as we had imagined but be sure it will be the best for you.

Get ready for a 0 to 100 change in your life, it will appear faster than you expect it. Just allow yourself to see it and open your arms and heart to receive it.

Your life will get better Fast!


2 thoughts on “Fast!

  1. Thanks Diana! It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Yes, this year is going just toooo fast! I hope this May brings us great surprises!! Hug!

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