Find them now!

Some days are difficult to forget. If you had a day full of wonderful times, that day becomes a memory of a lifetime. If you had a day full of problems and bitter moments, that day will too become a memory of a lifetime.

Happily, those days are very rare.  Usually our days are a mix of good and bad incidents.

The only difference is that most people are used to focus on those events that make them feel bad. We keep them in a special compartment in our mind and it seems we feel a strange “pleasure” by bringing them back to memory frequently in reunions that end up being “adversity competitions” where the one who has suffered the most wins.

I know playing the victim help some people to bring more attention upon them, and yes, who does not enjoy the “15 minutes of fame” from time to time.

But the problem is that those memories change our inner “frequency”, those reminiscences put us in a negative cycle. And you know very well that nothing good comes when you get into that “vibe”.

On the other side, we give so much power to the bad events, that we fail to find all those little happy moments we had as well that same day. Losing the opportunity to fill our heart with that wonderful and healing vibration of happiness.

But for some reason we forget to keep those happy memories in a special compartment too.  And when things get tough, rising our inner vibration becomes a daunting task for us.

Nowadays with all the load of bad news around the planet keeping our heart positive and maintaining our faith up has become an almost “mission impossible”. And our talks with friends and family are not helping much either.

So, it could be a good practice from now on, to give our happy, positive, high vibration moments a very special place in our long-term memory bag.

That way, the moment our inner “bad mood alarm” system sets off, we can transmute those negative low-frequency thoughts with the help of our happy experiences, making the transition faster and less painful.

Most times, that is the hardest work we are supposed to do. Cutting a “bad streak” is no easy stuff, and we usually look for a solution in the outside world, although we know very well that we need to begin working within us.

Now I got used to enumerate all the good things that happened to me every day, just before falling sleep. That has helped me to sleep better and feel more empowered in the morning.

It has helped me to remember how things have drastically changed in my life when things get tough and suddenly something totally unexpected appeared in my life in the shape of a “miracle”.

You might believe or not in miracles. You might give them a different name, that does not make any difference, what matters are the results, the changes and your growth.

And in order to keep growing, we need to find a reason to keep going, and to keep our spirits up we need to go out now and find the good stuff in our life, that way you might see that there are more blessings around you that you thought.

So, go out now and find them.








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