Shake it off


There is nothing more difficult than trying to talk with someone who is angry. You ask them to listen to what you have to say, but their anger do not let them listen, really listen, they actually are not really interested in what you have to say, all they want to do is to take that awful feeling out of their system.

Even if they let you speak for a few seconds, they will immediately start talking back to you, they won’t listen to your reasons because they won’t keep that anger inside and need to get it out of them. Even if you are right they cannot see it.

There is no point to talk with someone who is blinded by their bad temper and, who in the same way as an ill person does, is looking at the world through their toxins.

But guess what? Sometimes you are that blind mad person.

We are all humans and we all need to go through different processes so we can learn and grow.

So next time you are trying to reason with an angered person or you are the “irrational” one, if possible, try to take a walk first or take the other person for a walk and let them vent out all that anger, just resist the need to talk back, just wait a little longer and then, once you are both more relaxed, force yourself to talk in a slow and soft voice.  Talking in that way won’t let the conversation get aggressive in anyway.

Remember that if you speak with anger, those words will be the cause of your regrets for a long time, sometimes the rest of your life.

Get angry, but then get over it for dwelling in it will make hell your new home.

It is a proven fact that when you are angry, you are closing your ears to what your inner self is telling you. And that only creates more mistakes.

Of course not everything about anger is negative.

Believe it or not, anger can be used in a wise way.  Actually there are many people who affirm that anger can move you from a stuck state to liberating action.

As usual everything will depend on your perspective and the way you use what happens to you.

If anger will make you shift from a negative state then use it to thrust you up again. But then drop it the same way you would drop a knife after cutting your food. It will serve you well but holding to it for a long time will only hurt yourself.

An angry person is just someone who is reacting from fear, remember that for everyone, you included. Therefore do not answer with violence but with empathy.

The best cure for my anger is a long walk. Find the best way to soothe your heart and at the same time find the best way to use the energy released with that anger in a positive and constructive manner for your benefit.

So let’s begin to walk and shake that anger off.

Taken from my book: Inner Wisdom III






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