Already here (Rambling).


Caution: heavy rambling ahead….


And suddenly I looked again, and there it was.  I had got what I wanted for so long, but instead of being grateful for having it now, my mind was already wishing for something else.

And the worst part is that I was not even enjoying the new, I was beginning to feel the lack of what I did not yet have. What kind of craziness was this?

I could look around me right now and see numerous things I had longed for.

After a closer look, I realised that now I have many things I had wished for years, and going back in time, most of them I never thought I could have.

And I am not talking only about material things, there are people, situations, events etc., that looked so “impossible” to have back then, and now they are a reality, they have become a regular and normal part of my existence.

On one side, I do not want to “get used” to them being there, I do not want to forget what it took me to have them here with me, I hope I do not see them disappear as a part of the monotony of my daily routine, leaving behind all the visualising, all the hard work and all the time I wished them so strongly to be in this local reality.

And on the other side, I do not want to be too attached to them, since I always keep in the back of my mind that they will not be there “for ever”. Those people, things and circumstances are all temporal, we will share some time together and then, they will disappear, releasing the space for the new to arrive.

But while they are here, I want to be grateful for their existence, I want to always remember what it took to manifest them, so I keep that feeling of gratitude, therefore I can wish for new things already knowing what I need to work mentally and physically to bring them to me..

I want to keep those memories alive, so next time I need something new, I can use the same methods to make them real. And then, I can show others how to do the same in their lives, keeping that gratitude in their hearts, so they become even better people.

After all, that is why we are all here.

I know I am rambling too much now, well, same as usual. But I feel I needed to say this, so I do not forget to be grateful for who I am now, for where I am now and, for what my life is in this precise moment.

Probably things are not as I planned at the beginning, maybe things do not look too bright for me right now, but I am in the place I chose to be, I am living the life I selected to live, even if I did not choose it consciously, but in the end, I am responsible for what I am living right now, it is very important to understand that, so I can choose the best next thing to come.

Now that I know I am the creator of what I am experiencing today, I have got the power to change what comes next. And I am grateful for what I have got and for what is about to arrive.

And I hope you are thankful too for what you are living here and now, since it was you who brought it to your life.

Enjoy what it´s already here.




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