Satisfaction guaranteed


For many years I believed in the standard model of happiness, you know, what everybody tells you that you need to have, wear and live to be a real happy person.

Of course, I was never able to reach those standards, therefore I believed I was not a good person.

If I was not able to accomplish all those requirements, then I should be a loser. After all I was able to see many achievers around me. And if I was the only one who was living in mediocrity then something should be wrong with me.

Those where very difficult years for me.

I couldn’t understand quite well, how was it possible that many of my friends and acquaintances were leaving a perfect life, while I was really struggling to keep my pieces together.

It was frustrating to see how everybody around me were leaving the life of their dreams, whilst I was doing my best not to drown in my own misery.

It took me some time, many falls and bruises, to be able to stop looking at the others, to avoid comparing my life to theirs, and to finally begin enjoying my own success and achievements.

But the best lesson came when I was able to talk to my friends years later, and we began to share our life stories.

Once I knew the whole picture behind their apparent success, and they told me how they have always envied my apparent achievements, we all realised, that we all had a very different image of the other’s reality.

Each one of us, considered that the others life was much better than their own.

At the end of the reunion, we all agreed that we should not care anymore on what the life of other people looked to us, actually we should not keep observing others to give our own life a grade.

It is so easy to put a tag on the success of others, and we can so easily judge what they had achieved so far, but we will never be able to see the whole picture. We have no idea what the others had to go through in order to get where they are standing now.

At the end of that day, we were all laughing and enjoying our memories.  Nobody was talking about money, material goods or how many cars we had in our garages.  What we were all enjoying to the fullest was our reminiscences.

We can feel proud of all the things we have lived and achieved, the outsiders might judge our performance in life according to their own parameters and believes, but what we have got in our heart, soul and mind, that is our real treasure.

A treasure we can be eager to share with others and the only prize that will fill our whole being with satisfaction.

Look back so you can enjoy once more the gems you have been gathering throughout your life and use them as an assurance that things will get much better from now on.

Be confident that many hidden treasures lie right in front of you waiting to be discovered. Enjoying this very moment without allowing doubt to creep in, is the best way to get a life with your satisfaction guaranteed!


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