Unconformity (More notes to self)


I have been complaining with my inner self lately very often.

I have spotted myself complaining too much in the last days, and I have discovered that is bringing me very negative results.

I do not know if I am plummeting into the last trend sport: whining, or I am about to change direction in my life and that is why I have been so rebellious lately.

I think overthinking is doing its job here, after all, it is easier to complain about a situation than doing something to correct it.

After all I can justify myself by saying that everywhere you go, you will find someone groaning about something.

“I hate my job”, “I am underpaid”, “I am a failure”, “I cannot do anything right”, “Nobody loves me”, “Nobody cares about me”, etc.

We are getting used to become a poor victim of the world´s cruelty, and instead of shifting positions, we are waiting for a miracle to save us from our present situation.

I know fear could be paralysing, but have your realised that most of your fears in the past, have never materialised?

Most times we are afraid of a wolf that does not even exist, and if it does exist, it is not even near us.

But, as I said before, complaining is much more easy and comfortable.

But have you asked yourself: How can I change this situation?  What can I learn from it? How can I avoid facing this again? Asking yourself this kind of questions it is much productive than grousing about everything all the time.

Blaming others is too, another common practice nowadays.  As a friend of mine says all the time: “Somebody is guilty here, but it ain’t gonna be me!”

Blaming others, as well as complaining about everything are a plain waste of time.

Find what you can do, focus your mind on understanding what you can do right now with what you have.

Of course, this will cause an imminent shift in your life, and we know that “change” is a word most people fear and try to avoid at all costs.  But let me tell you that once you experience change and you allow it in your life, things get much better.  Change is beautiful and necessary as well. But sometimes you need to look back and plough into your memories to find how change has brought blessings in disguise to your life, and then, this time it will be easier for you to allow change to transform your life for the best.

What would be the worst-case scenario in this situation? I have asked many times this question just to find out that things turned out to be less dreadful as I thought at first.

So, as you can see, we are really good at inventing excuses for avoiding transformation. We prefer to stay in the same comfy position, waiting for a miracle to come into our life, and praying to get a miracle we are doing everything we can to avoid.

If you want to stay in this situation for a long time, fine. Keep doing what you are doing every day. If you are getting mad at obtaining more of the same, please create the change right now.  Do not let anything for tomorrow. The only moment that matters is NOW.








8 thoughts on “Unconformity (More notes to self)

  1. It’s said that you are what you think, but it’s also said you are what you do. Split the difference and call self-talk a behavior and a habit. The messages we tell ourselves about ourselves tend to be who we become. Fortunately, we can change the message.

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  2. Complaining and blaming is happening at the highest levels of leadership in the US and it has set the tone for the whole country. Ugh. There, I’m done complaining about the complaining. Lol. Have a great day, Hector. 😀

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  3. Unfortunately not only in the US D! More and more governments around the world are joining the intolerant-ignorant side. Thanks for complaining! I mean thanks for commenting 😉

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