The storm

When I was a child I hated when the rain ruined my afternoon. I was not allowed to go out and play while raining.

So, during the rainy season I was doomed to stay at home watching TV or reading, that was not a bad thing since I fell in love with many wonderful books back then.

But I remember many times watching great plans with friends being cancelled because of the rain.

That made me feel very frustrated and sometimes even angry with Mother Nature.

Years had to pass before I was able to really appreciate the blessings of a good storm and the cleansing and purifying effects on the whole planet.

I will not lie to you by saying that nowadays I love to walk and dance in the rain emulating Gene Kelly, but I do not get too grumpy when I see a thunderstorm coming my way anymore.

After travelling a lot and seeing how people in different parts of the planet have to struggle to gather water, and how difficult it is sometimes to have fresh and drinkable water available for your personal needs, I have finally learnt to appreciate and cherish the rainy season.

The rain cleans the planet, it cleans the atmosphere and washes away pollution in big cities. It fills streams and lakes and rivers, it helps in the growth of plants, vegetables, and the fruits we find in our table every day.

When we receive the rain, we are not only receiving energy and life itself, we are receiving the potential for life and a big load of its own history.

A good storm cools the earth and cleans the air. Its winds carry seeds and pollen to distant places. The wind combined with the water help to remove old and weak vegetation, making space for the new.

The lightning strikes liberate nitrates that fertilize the soil, and this produces about 20 percent of the nitrogen that goes to our soil every year.

So, as you can see, this sometimes-scary storms are not as bad as they seem.

Same with the thunderstorms in your life.

Sometimes you are living a very calmed and relaxed life when suddenly something happens and changes your concept of life as you knew it for years.

We cry, we get angry and we even insult the day we were born because now we will have to change our comfy life to move forward. And that is not easy most times.

All we can see is a disruptive powerful force that appears in our quiet environment and turns everything upside-down.

We call these tragedies, problems, disasters, calamities, misfortunes and hundreds of other synonyms more. But their effect in our life is powerful.

It takes us a long time to start seeing their positive effects in our life, and sometimes we never get to really see them. But I assure you that if you made a very open-cold minded analysis, you will find many advantages that would have never arrived if that “storm” did not take place at that moment.

This tempest you are going through right now, has a good reason to exist as well. I am not asking you to find every advantage of it at once. But every time you feel despaired and anxious about it, keep in mind that these awful times have a good purpose as well.

My mother says all the time: “Every cloud has its silver lining”, meaning that every bad event in your life has its own hidden blessings within.

So, next time you hear the thunders at the distance, get your umbrella ready and remember that a cleansing is coming. You have been there before and too many good things came out of it. This time will not be an exception.

Take a deep breath, relax and re-learn to enjoy the sound and sight of a good storm. Enjoy the smell of wet soil and the fragrance of happy flowers receiving life from the sky.

A cleansing is coming to your life, enjoy the trip. Water will not shrink you, difficulties will not break you.

Put your tap shoes on and begin to dance in the rain…. Just singin’ in the rain
What a glorious feeling. I’m happy again…

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