You are the best!

Sometimes we look up at other people thinking their lives are really great and worth imitating.  We see just what they allow us, great houses, cars, expensive gadgets, etc.

We believe they have a wonderful life and we wish we could be as lucky as they are.

We see people we call achievers and read about their great success in business, sports, politics etc.  We would love to do things as good as they do.

We tend to idealise those people and really believe that we are very far from those overachievers.  We wouldn’t dream to compare with them and sometimes we even feel happy if we could do a quarter of what they can do.  And actually that is the real problem.

When we compare with others we are actually setting our threshold very low.  We are limiting our true capabilities and beliefs since we have been taught to believe those people are superior to us.

First of all, we don’t really know the real life of the others. We only know what we are shown, and most of the time, people only want to show us a facade that is far from their real life.  So there is no need to really idealise other people because once we decide to explore our own potentials we would be amazed by our power.

Comparing to others is a terrible limitation since we put those people as a goal to reach instead of just an example to observe. If we put a person as a goal, then all we could aspire to do is reaching his or her level of excellence, but then we are letting out our own level which many times might be even higher.

If we stop comparing ourselves with anyone else, we would discover a level of freedom we have never imagined before. That would help us to release our hidden powers since we wouldn’t have to compete with anyone else, just observe what others have done and know we can do that and more. We are all made of the same stuff! We can do anything we want and we must remember we can!

When was the last time you achieved something you felt, at the beginning, it was not possible for you?

Start setting warm up little goals to rebuild your trust in your inner powers, to start remembering who you really are.

Be your own solution, just look how far you have come, the rest of the way will be easier.

Start amazing yourself now!

From my book: Answers


2 thoughts on “You are the best!

  1. Wonderful quote D! Thanks for reading and for your wonderful comments, it is always a pleasure to read them!

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