The other day while taking a long walk in the park, I was pondering about why sometimes we feel uncomfortable with the way our life is going.

I remember thinking that as long as I was feeling fine, my life and everything around me were supposed to be alright and I should not move anything whatsoever to change it.

I am not saying, that you should feel uneasy with your life all the time, that is not the real reason to be here.  But once you notice that “nothing changes” that things are just the same, as usual, and you begin to feel that you are not “advancing” in your life path, then it is time to listen to that little voice in your head that is trying to tell you something very important.

Something that perhaps you are pretending to ignore.

Every time I achieved something important in my life, I was happy where I was, but I felt the inner need to go further, to have more, to learn more, to go higher…

That was the “main reason” that forced me into taking inspired action.

But nowadays, when I look around me, I see people who have decided to be happy with what they have and stay there for ever.

Of course, being happy with what we have got and where we are right now is of crucial importance but, we cannot remain still for ever.

Remember: still water becomes stale.

And after questioning myself what was going on with the apparent contentment with my actual circumstances, I reached a very uncomfortable conclusion. We, as society, are getting very good at tolerating what we do not want.  We do not like our job, but we are suffering there every day because that is the job we have got. We hate the car we are driving, but that is the car we can afford, we cannot stand the view of the flat where we live, we have thought about moving to a new home but the “right” moment has not arrived yet. We cannot stand those people who make fun of us all the time, but we “have to” tolerate them because they are our co-workers, and that is all what we do.  We tolerate.

And what happened to that powerful self-trust when we believed in ourselves no matter the circumstances? Do you remember those times when you believed in your inherent power to succeed and change those things you didn´t liked in your life?

Did we lose it?

No, we did not, it is still in there waiting for us to decide to believe once more in ourselves.

I have been reading about the very impressive investigations on the thalamus, the cortex and the reticular activating system (RAS) and the truth is, I am convinced that we need to give our selves as a society the opportunity to believe once more in our own purpose.

We are living in a world where mediocrity is being accepted as our nature. We are accepting much less than we deserve and can achieve.

Are you really feeling happy staying right where you are now, knowing that you can live, enjoy and accomplish more?

Give yourself a new opportunity to be more, have more, attain more and enjoy more.

Do not accept those things in your life that make you feel uncomfortable. Believe once more that you deserve a better life experience but do it now. Do not wait for the best moment to appear. Get up and do it now, please.

Do not tolerate those things, situations and/or people who are no longer good for your actual you. Be a better version or you compared to who you were yesterday and do not accept less than that anymore, please.

You do not need to pretend you are someone you are not, you are already magnificent as you are and just relearn to shine with you own natural Light. You do not need to show a different personality. Your own nature is glorious and divine.

Stop tolerating those things that make you feel bad. Believe you are great, just do it once again and those things you wish in your life will appear in front of your eyes with the magic only you are capable of create.

Do it for you, please.



2 thoughts on “Tolerate

  1. Insightful post, Hector. I think we are responsible for our attitudes and values, and it serves us to strive for what makes us happy and healthy, which often that won’t include “stuff.” I love the way you validate each person as worthy of joy. 🙂

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