About hsampson

After living a rather successful life, having all the things we are supposed to have to “be happy”, a good house, wonderful family, nice job and a good income, a series “chain events” marked my life leaving me literally on the street wondering what had happened and what went wrong. This situation pushed me to find many tool on my path and many unexpected wonderful teachers who generously shared their wisdom in many forms with me, changing my life in many ways. I have decided to start this blog to share this tools and lessons in the hope that someone out there who is living now a terrible situation, learns that there are other people who have walked that path and live terrible situations but have learnt to overcome them as well. It is possible to get out of the hole and live the life you have always wished. I am a good example of it and I want to share with you all this baggage I have been gathering along my way to where I am now. Fortunately I haven’t stop learning since I began and I don’t have all the answers in my backpack, so I continue my journey surprising myself every day and being grateful for the experiences. We are in the same boat and that is why you are reading this, so I invite you to get in and share the ride. We will certainly learn both wonderful things and reach each one of us, our own particular concept of success. Thank you being here with me. Hector Sampson



In my humble opinion there is nothing more frustrating than waiting.

Yes, I confess: I am very impatient. I hate having to wait for a long time. I usually like things to be there, ready for me instead of having to kill time while I receive what I want.

And, of course, this has brought me many headaches in my life throughout the years.

Specially when things are going wrong, I would like to discover a magic spell to make things change course immediately.

But, as you already know, this is not possible and to understand why things should be that way, is something most times I am not very good at. Continue reading


Your Light


There are days when you just cannot find the Light in your life and everything looks so dark and sinister.

With all the bad news inundating the Internet and the public media, those tragic stories from family and friends who are always so eager to share them with us, even before asking how we are doing.  The strangers in the street who love to tell you their lives and recent tragedies to see if they can find a friendly ear, that allows them to discharge their bad energy accumulated in their soul for so long. All that added to your own personal emotional baggage!

There are days, when you have to decide creating your own Light in the middle of a lot of induced darkness. Continue reading


In my younger years, I had always seen economics, the subject, with disdain because I considered it not a science but a topic of “personal opinions and interpretations.”  Nowadays I have reached the conclusion that most of our believes are a product of our own personal opinions and interpretations, although it seems we are not very aware of that.

I questioned a friend of mine, who is a very well-respected economist, if he could give me an example of economics theory applied on our daily life, and while I was not expecting a great answer, his example made a profound impression on me.

He looked at me with a relaxed look in his eyes and said: “One of the things that I had applied in my life very often is the law of the sunk costs.”

I looked at him perplexed waiting for a clearer explanation. Continue reading



Re-learning to be relaxed and calmed is one of the most fundamental, yet difficult thing to do nowadays.

If you live in a big city, all you have to do is to look around you and the sight of people everywhere makes you feel uneasy. Or you can watch the news every day, it has the same result.

Everybody is rushing and minding their own business. I have seen people passing by an elderly person who just fell, and they do not even stop to try to give him a hand. They do not even look at them anymore.

I do not want to start the: “In my time, people were more concerned and kinder…” monologue, but I am really impressed by the way society is heading nowadays.

No matter what country I visit, I am seeing a very radical change in people all over the world, and I cannot say I am very happy about that difference. Continue reading

I cannot control this

Yes, I admit it. I cannot control the headlines in all the newspapers I read, but I can control what articles I read from beginning to end.

I cannot control how politicians are handling the problems we are having in our planet right now, but I can do my best efforts to do my part to make this universe a better place to live. I am convinced that if everyone would only do their part, instead of being criticising and pretending to tell others what they should do or think, this whole universe would be a different place.

I cannot control what people believe to be the best solutions to every problem we are facing as human beings, but I can decide to do everything in my power to work on solutions I can do something to make them real. We might differ on what the best solutions should be for some problems, but the only way we will find out is to do something and try them. Continue reading


Living in these times, it’s a very exciting and challenging adventure.

Information is always at your fingertips, and you can communicate with people around the world in real-time almost anywhere.

These great advances are making our lives easier in some areas, but very difficult in others.

Do you know what I think we need the most now? Continue reading

I cannot learn for you

For you who want to learn everything right now.

Sometimes we wish other people would know what we know, and they could do what we do and be as good as we are at doing some things.

We get frustrated when our children or those people close to us cannot see the world the same way we do.  We think that if only they could see things from our own perspective, things would be so much easier for them.

It is so difficult sometimes trying to explain some situations when we see them from the outside.  But for the people “inside” things look complex and overwhelming.  And of course, we cannot understand why they cannot see things that are so “obvious” to us.

But in these cases, we are guilty as well, we rarely stop to think than the others have a very different learning path then our own.  They do need to go through the difficulties and “problems” they are facing now in order to grow and become wiser.  In fact, you are doing the same thing right now, that is why we are all here.          Continue reading

Your advantage


Talking with some friends who have achieved many meaningful things in their lives, or at least, that is what most people around them think, I had some interesting epiphanies.

Viewed from my perspective, most of them have achieved wonderful things, one of them has written more than 30 books, some of them best-sellers in different countries, another one has a company that helps poor people in different countries, the other one has made many movies that were really famous worldwide, and he is still very respected in the film industry.

Yet, they do not see themselves as overachievers,  despite the fact that most of us around them see them as role models to emulate.

When talking to them in a reunion, I was amazed to see that they actually see themselves as “regular” people, they always have someone “above” them that they admire and wish to imitate at all costs.

For instance, I asked my friend who is a very successful writer how did he start writing books? Was it difficult? Was it something he always wanted to do? Continue reading


One of the most wonderful things about literature is that it could be timeless.

You can write a chronicle right now about events that took place thousands of years ago, you can start a story in an undetermined era and create a delightful narrative about an ageless period.

I have read books with teachings written centuries ago and its concepts are still valid and relevant nowadays. You can learn from them as if they had been written this morning and applying that wisdom to your daily life is as suitable as if you were living back then. Continue reading