Open letter

I was going through some old souvenirs of my trip to your country a few years ago.  I found your business card and I remembered how glad I was you gave me a hand that time to contact important people and to get around your city.

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It is your fault!

“You cannot blame me for that! My job is not inspire you or motivate you to do anything, that is your decision, I just give you the elements in a neutral way, you decide how to interpret them and what to do with them” Said angrily a voice in my head.

“But you made me feel sad with the images you were showing me!” My conscious mind answered defensively. Continue reading

Peel off the skin

Sometimes when you want to eat a fruit or vegetable, before you can enjoy it you need to peel off the skin (although in many cases the main vitamins are contained in the skin), you have never tried to eat an orange without peeling off the skin right?

Once you peel the skin off you throw it into the rubbish bin and forget about it since your mind is focused on enjoying the delicious fruit. Continue reading

Like a lost ant

Late at night sitting in my kitchen, I was watching a brown middle size ant trying to drink water from a plate in the sink. The rim of the plate was wet and slippery so the poor thing fell into the water and started to move like crazy trying to get back to safety, but the more she moved, the more she got away from the rim, so I could see she was condemned to drown in the middle of that plate.

I grabbed a napkin and gently took the ant back to the floor, but she,instead of feeling happy once she was back in the safety of the dry land, she turned even more desperate since now she was dry but lost.

Continue reading

Look at your medals!


I was observing with special curiosity the great collection of medals from a friend who is a General in the Armed forces.

When I was a child, I always thought they give you medals in the army for killing people, so I never saw them as a good thing to show off, and when I saw the military parades I couldn’t understand very well why people look at them with admiration.

So when I saw my friend polishing his medals before a ceremony I started to ask him the meaning and reason of each of those medals.

He had too many of them, so I just asked him about a few but I was very surprised with his answers. Continue reading

The formula


The most frequent question I am asked is: how can I accelerate my results?

How can I manifest what I really need in my life?

And always my answer is: just start by being grateful.

But it seems that being grateful is something so difficult nowadays because they usually stare at me with a perplexed look in their eyes and say: being grateful for what? I am living in hell right now. Continue reading

Your life is a game


Listening to people of different age groups I have realised that every stage in our lives has its own uncertainties and tests.

When I was younger I thought that once you reached certain age you would know everything you need to just live your life without problems.

As I have reached different stages in my personal path, I have learned that we never get to the point of knowing everything we thought we would learn and I am so happy for that, for learning is one of the highest pleasures of life. Continue reading

The answer is not there

I was observing two ladies talking in a restaurant.  I am not really sure if they were really communicating or just killing time. Both were trying to say too many things but never finished really an idea since they kept always interrupting each other.

I could see how one of them kept trying to expose an idea while the other was anxiously waiting for a little pause to interrupt and start talking without even let her interlocutor to finish her sentence.

They kept doing that all the time, and I could notice none of them was very satisfied with the chat. As the time passed by, they were interrupting each other more often and at the end they were both slightly annoyed with each other, so they just exchange a brief good bye and left. Continue reading

Mental Crutches


Have you ever tried to walk using crutches for the first time?

If you are not used to it is really very difficult and some previous practice is needed until you start to get good at it.  But the first time, as every beginning, we are usually clumsy and sometimes we might even fall down if we are not careful.

The same happens with a cane of any kind. Something that is supposed to help us walk and move, becomes our main obstacle if we don’t know how to use it.

I have seen people who use a cane or crutches in a permanent basis who are very good at it and actually become very skilled with those tools.  But usually someone who use them as temporal help becomes slower and with less mobility.

The same happens with “mental crutches”.  These tools we use to concentrate our energy and attention in order to achieve something. And there are just too many of them around these days. Continue reading