The mine

I guess you have heard the story of the man who bought an old abandoned gold mine and after digging a little at the place where the previous owner had gave up digging, he found the richest gold vein in the region.

Just when the former owner had given up and abandoned the mine, the new owner just had to dig a little deeper to find the treasure.

Have you ever asked yourself if that happened to you in some area of your life?

Have you ever dropped a project, a dream or just the hope to continue something that was significant to your life? Continue reading

I am looking at my past

I felt released when I realised that what I was looking at was not really a permanent condition. This awful event was just the result of yesterday’s fears.

So therefore I all I had to do next was to be very conscious of the thoughts, actions and states of mind I should have to counterattack this result I didn’t like at all.

That helped me to understand that instead of falling immediately in despair for something I didn’t like to see manifested into my actual situation, I should try to find the “root” of the problem inside of my head.  -What was I thinking before this event happened?, -How was I feeling about this situation that attracted this result?, -What was the mind-set that provoked that things arranged themselves this way? Continue reading

Wait a little longer, it’s about to come….

He had decided to try something new for a change. Things have been very difficult these last months and it seems they will get even worst, if that is possible.

Things were about to collapse completely on him and there was no apparent viable solution on sight.

The end lines were approaching and no sign of relief was appearing so, what he would have usually done is getting really nervous, mad, desperate and starting to break things around him. But usually doing those things brought him even worst problems, and he was really tired of receiving bad news every day. Continue reading

You are such a fool!

I know you are not a fool, but do you?

If suddenly you drop something by accident and I tell you: Gosh, you are such a fool! The logical reaction is you get mad at me and answer something like: – You are the fool! Or something like that.

Ok I understand that, nobody has the right to call anybody else such names, those are negative “tags”. I would understand you getting mad at me for calling you that.

But after sometime you might even forget I called you like that, because you know you are not a fool, right? Continue reading


You are trying to go through the day, sorting out the events trying not to tag them in any way or colour them at all.  Just observing the events and trying to keep your mind cool and calmed.

Then the unexpected happens and the course of things turns towards an unknown direction. Your plans collapse and now you are still wondering what has happened and what to do next.

Of course people around you observe your chaos and then, they approach you to ask the typical questions.

What happened? Why? And now what are you going to do? Continue reading