Do you really want that?


She was still alive.

She had just finished her pulmonary emphysema treatment. She had barely come out alive of this whole situation, but at least, she was alive.

The last few months had been very difficult for her and her family. They were all exhausted and all they wanted was return to their daily lives as usual.

They wanted to put all that behind. Forget about it and pretend that it never happened with a smile on their faces.

Of course, the doctors forbid her to even look at a cigarette ever again!

And, in the beginning, she said she would do everything in her power to regain her health and her life once more.

But, in her heart, things were very different.  Continue reading



One of the things I admire the most of some of my elderly friends is their optimism and cheerful disposition.

They are always happy and despite their own personal problems, they always have a smile on their faces, that is why they are still alive I think.

I did some voluntary work in London in elderly houses a few years ago. One day I was talking with one of my friends there and I was telling him about a problem that looked unsurmountable to me at the time. I could not see a way out of that situation and I felt everything was lost for me.

When I finished telling my friend about my problem, he began laughing loudly while looking at me amusingly.  Continue reading

The crowd


Every day I am seeing more and more examples of the influence of the masses on very valuable people.

Thinking by yourself is something you can do very easily, but sharing your thoughts and opinions with others is what turns out to be very difficult nowadays.

I was talking the other day with some friends, and two of them began talking about international politics, one of them, the one who was most passionate about his views, was doing most of the talking, my other friend just agreed with everything the other said.

I know him well, so I couldn’t understand why he was agreeing with points of view completely opposite to his own. Continue reading

Your gift to the universe

We usually receive gifts on Christmas, our birthday, and some other special occasions.

Some of us are used to wake up in the morning under a roof, with nice blankets and most times a good breakfast waiting for us on the table. We see it so natural, that we forget to be grateful for all those blessings we receive every day.

There are some people who are open and willing to receive, but there are others who feel they do not deserve it.

In some cases, not being “open to receive” is as bad as not being willing to share your good with others. Continue reading



There is a nice little town in South Devon, England called Coffinswell.

I like to go there from time to time to Court Barton, a manor house of the 16th Century, the south part of this manor house was used as a court house for some time, but it still looks as beautiful as ever.

Recently I was walking through the lanes and tracks leading to the neighbouring hamlet of Daccombe, when I saw a man doing some gardening work in the front of Court Baron.

I greeted him cheerfully and he answered in the same way. But he kept looking intensely to the grass in front of him, like waiting for an answer.

I remained in silence for a while and as he appeared to be reaching too deep into his thoughts, I prepared to continue my promenade. Continue reading

External voices


One of the main mistakes we make when we are trying to start a new adventure in life, is paying more attention to the external voices than to our heart.

It is true that sometimes even our inner voice, loves to paint a black panorama in front of our eyes, but when we focus too much heed on the negativity in it, things are doomed to go wrong.

Do you remember how many times people, even your loved ones gave you more than a thousand “reasons” why things wouldn’t work out, and in the end, everything went even better then you had imagined?

I am not saying here then asking for advice is a bad thing or a bad idea, we are supposed to learn from the experience of others, but unfortunately most times we ask for advice to people who have never achieve anything in the particular field that we are trying to explore  Continue reading



Recently I met with a friend of mine who is well known for his enthusiasm and total commitment to what he does.  He looked tired and a little gloomy.

After the typical exchange of salutations, I asked him what was wrong with him: “You look so different today, are you bored?” I said jokingly.

“Yes, I am bored of everything” he answered me sadly.

“What is wrong? You are not like that” I asked him a little worried.

“You know me, I always try to do my best with a smile in my face, I sometimes do for others what I don’t even do for myself.” He kept complaining.

“I have done my best for many people, but when I need them they turn their back to me, they have completely forgotten all what I have done for them in the past. These are upsetting times people just don’t care anymore, I feel lonelier than ever.”

I looked at him totally understanding his feelings, I believe we all have been there at some point. Continue reading



I was sceptical about a social experiment a friend of mine had told me about. So, I decided to try it myself.

The experiment consists in treating people exactly the same way they treat you, for example:

When someone asks you a question, you answer using exactly the same attitude, tone of voice, volume level and body language.

Despite the fact I was very sceptical at the beginning, after a few tries the results baffled me.

I didn’t have to gather a big sample to learn a very interesting fact of human nature. Continue reading

The dichotomy of silence


When you see someone suffering, and there is nothing you can do to help them out of their misery, most times you will try to comfort them with consoling words.

In those cases, the right words are difficult to find, and many times we end up saying the wrong ones even when our intention was good.

We have talked many times about the advantages and blessings of silence, how important it is to keep quiet when there is risk to hurt someone else.

But as everything else in this Life, there are always two sides for everything and falling in its extremes is extremely easy.

Too much of anything can do a lot of harm. Continue reading



There is lately a widely extended fear to be alone.

I know many people who actually prefer to be in a destructive relationship than being on their own.

This fear has grown so much in our society, that is now considered as a very serious illness known by many different names: monophobia, autophobia, Isola phobia, among others.

Although there are different levels in these phobias. Most people present one or more symptoms at the same time. Continue reading