The puddle

After an amazing storm I was on my way to see a client trying to find shortcuts along the way to arrive on time.

I decided to go through a park I have never visited before but, it was on the way to my client’s office.  I was walking very fast and suddenly, after a curve, I found myself in front of a huge puddle.

At first I thought trying to jump over it or, slowly walk through it, but the image of a video of a car sinking in an apparently innocent puddle came to my mind.   This video showed a car crossing a seemingly inoffensive puddle in a street of a big city, but it seems it was covering a huge “gap”, the car unknowingly kept advancing and suddenly disappeared into the “puddle”.

The video did not show whether the driver was able to come out alive from there, but the image remained very clear in my mind.  Continue reading

There is still time

I am impressed of the way young people are limiting themselves nowadays.  Yes, I know I sound like a bitter old man now, but I cannot understand why people are allowing others to control their minds and destinies.

I have been working with young people who have just finished their careers and most of them, are finding out that having a degree in your hands do not automatically make you capable to handle all things before you.

Finishing a career really means that you are ready to begin your journey in that subject but you are really beginning to learn what you will need ahead in your path.  Having a degree means you have learnt the basics but what really matters and is really important for your progress, life will teach you later on the way. Continue reading

Grow your mind-set

I was new at that programming job, I was young and it was my first work in a very impressive environment. Everyone was much older than I and with all the experience of the world, being the elite of engineers and experts in many fields.  It was overwhelming for me.

One day they asked me to do a program to do some satellite tracking routines and I had no idea how to do something like that.  Continue reading

This is your way to success

When you see the photos people share in the “social networks” you will usually see good things, nice new cars, wonderful vacations and family life, everybody smiling and having a wonderful time.

A recent study discovered that “social networks” are causing bad depression cases on some people.  Since they look at the “exciting life” others are enjoying while they are bored at home watching their screens, wishing they were living the “wonderful life” the others seem to live.  Continue reading

I know, you are a master

I have heard many times people affirming, “I wasn’t born for this…” Or “I have two left hands (not being left handed people of course)”, or “That is not one of my talents…” And the list goes on.

Few days ago I had the opportunity to meet a very famous author whose novels have been taken to the stages many times. And curious about “the origin” of his impressive talent I asked him how did he discover he was an excellent writer? Continue reading