Sometimes the only way to break free from a bad cycle, is allowing yourself to be completely exposed so the bad leaves your system and the new and good can come in once more.

Sometimes you need to allow yourself to be shattered in a thousand pieces, so you can gather your good pieces and leave the bad behind. Like a caterpillar that needs to renounce to be a worm in order to become a butterfly.

Sometimes you need to allow yourself to be emotionally gutted in order to clean yourself from all those years of negative energy, wrong programming and bad habits, in order to be re-created into your original state.

This time you can put your inner pieces in a different order and leave no space for those things that held you back for so long. Continue reading


Stop the abuse

We cannot only blame the outside world for the “abuse” we have been facing lately.

I am sure you have heard about “bullying”, which is taking control of homes and schools all over the planet.  One of the main aspects we need to take heed of is the “message” we are constantly broadcasting to the outside world, since those individuals who are broadcasting the message of “Abuse me I’ll take it without a fuzz” are the ones who receive the worst load of violence. Continue reading