Procrastinating your well-being

“And when I have a new house, then I will be happy” this woman said to her companion in a loud voice as if she wanted the whole world to find out.

“Then I shall know that everything I have done was worth it, all the pain, all the hard work, my suffering.”  The lady who was sitting beside her looked at her in silence.

“Then I’ll be able to smile again and know everything will be alright. “she concluded in a triumphant tone.

The lady who was travelling with her asked her after a few seconds: “how long have you waited for that to happen?”

“Thirty years” the first lady answered. Continue reading


Move it!

Every feeling, every sensation, every emotion has a reason to exist. They are not just a caprice of nature.  They have a function as well.

One of them, I have observed very carefully, is fear and it has surprised me how important it is. This natural mechanism has been implanted in us to “force us to move ahead” nevertheless many times it block us and paralyse us, causing us double damage.

Some species of animals are paralysed by fear and are easily trapped by their predators. But the species which react to danger by moving faster are the ones that are more capable of surviving. Continue reading

I respect your ways

I know you have heard many times that we are all different. No matter how long we have lived in the same community, in the same house and even in the same family. We have a lot in common and yet, we are still different.

You might like to add sugar in your tea, I prefer a little more cream in it instead. You might prefer a bagel with it, I prefer a ring doughnut. You might like to talk about politics, I rather skip that subject.

We can be so different in so many aspects and yet, we can share a nice tea moment, each enjoying, at the same time, our own personal pleasures. Continue reading


One thing I found difficult to find nowadays is a person who keeps his or her patience intact.

This modernity is accelerating our inner rhythm in an unnatural way. 

Technology is shortening distances and time and now the excess of information is creating new problems.

 But the main issue here is that we are allowing other people to alter our inner peace instead of respecting ourselves so the others respect us as well, we tend to “follow the leader” and imitate and accept the pace others tell us to take. Continue reading

The world outside my head

The other day I was really mad at a person who was driving really fast and changing lanes in a big avenue.  I was thinking he would cause an accident and I felt people like that shouldn’t be allowed to drive since they are the main cause of accidents involving innocent people.

A few blocks ahead I was able to see that car stopping in front of a hospital.

I felt really bad, I couldn’t imagine the anguish that person felt to drive in the way he or she was driving.

Few days later, I had to go through a similar situation, and although  I was not driving, I felt the distances were really long and the traffic too slow. Continue reading