Why do bad things have to exist? If God is so “good” as they say, then why he allows the bad and the ugly to exist?

These are common questions we all hear all the time.

And have you ever imagined a world without opposites?

It could not exist at all actually.

We need a point of comparison to be able to “measure” things. How would you know if something is cold if there was not hot? Silly example I know I am just trying to make my point here. Continue reading

And he was right in front of me (reflexion)

I was complaining on the mobile about some silly things that I was considering a big deal at the moment when I noticed a homeless man walking towards me, his dirty old clothes and the bags he was carrying on his back was a sad image to see, but when he was a couple metres from me I couldn’t help staring at him for his face looked so familiar.

As soon as he looked at me I immediately look the other way, since I had recognised him and I didn’t want him to notice it. Continue reading