To attract or not to attract?

 Taken from my book: “Dialogs with my inner self Vol III”

I have been struggling lately with my inner self.  I have been trying to attract many things in my life with no results whatsoever.

After some inner dialogues I had to go to my inner archives section to review some old and forgotten memories about some experiences in the past.

Many times we try to get a particular result.  We want things to go a certain way, but as I commented in a former chapter, we cannot see the whole picture and therefore we don’t really know what would be the best course of actions most of the time. We just don’t want to release the control of the situation. And we are too afraid to let things go off our hands. Continue reading


The external

We constantly talk about our old negative ideas, beliefs and hidden concepts in our mind that keep us sunk in our depression and lack of success.

But we cannot forget that we are inhabitants of a physical universe and that there are external factors as well.

Yes, we create our reality with our feelings and thoughts. Yes, we are responsible for the things that we create and attract to our personal reality and yes, there are other people in this local reality creating and attracting their own things as well, so we are not alone and yes, we are attracting and creating those external factors as well.

Let´s imagine you are an enthusiast of motorcycles. Then you get one or more motorcycles and then attract other people who are passionate about them as well.  Then your “inner circle” could be formed by people who share your hobbies and passions. Continue reading

The mirror

We have discussed many times about the importance of making the changes inside of us first, before we even begin to criticise what we are experiencing or observing in the outside world.

If you want to see how you look before going out to the street, you will have to stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself in it so you can see what the other people will see in you when you go out. Continue reading