Awakening The Trilogy!


There are many interpretations for “being awake”.  Probably each one of us have our own concept and yours could be quite opposite to mine.

One day you wake up tired of feeling yourself in a “foggy-dream-mental-state”. And then you realise that there are times in life when things happen around you and your mind is like connected to a different dimension.  Later, you realise you have lost the action that happened right in front of you.

I am not trying to teach anything new, I am no trying to impose my ideas on you, I am just sharing my experiences, my lessons learnt and yet to learn, my own answers and conclusions, as if we were having a friendly chat in a tea house on a cold night.

Come with me in this new adventure:

Awakening I  Kindle:    .


Awakening II  Kindle:


Awakening III  Kindle:





At some point I realised I was in a permanent deep sleep state in my life, I felt I was existing but not really living. Things happened in my life but in some way I was not really experiencing them in awake mode.

I went through my daily life in a dormant mode and sometimes I did something and a few minutes later I was not sure I had done it or not.  I had “lost” that period of time in the nothingness. I was feeling like a walking zombie most of the time.

I got scared and began to look for a way to “return” to the present time so my mind wouldn’t wander away and lose the actual experience. Continue reading