Have you notice how we tend to worry like crazy, have the blackest thoughts, imagine the worst scenarios, overstress our body and lose sleep and hunger like crazy?

And after all that, things work out in bizarre ways in the end.

We feel so relieved after the things were not as bad as we imagined that we forget to look back and see all those nasty details that robbed us from our health and peace of mind.

So when next test arrives, will you once again go through the same process of worrying, losing sleep and appetite and damage our body as much as we can.

When are you going to learn that life has uncommon ways to fix things? When are you going to learn that you are more than capable to handle the things that are in front of you right now? Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there. Continue reading

The same?

I was waiting for the tube at a crowded station and I couldn’t help to overhear the conversation of two middle aged ladies happily chatting by my side.

One of them had gone to Spain for the summer and was amazed by some particularities of the language, she said something like this: “In Spain they give a gender to objects, for instance, they call a chair a ´she´, (she meant it is classified as feminine) and a shoe a ´he´ (masculine), that sounded so ´foreign´ She said with an amazed expression on her face.” Continue reading

Embrace it

I have heard so many times that you have to embrace change and difficulties when they come, that I thought I had totally understood the idea. And probably I had, but as usual when it comes to apply our knowledge in real life, things become difficult.

We are all excellent for theory but when practice time arrives, the story is quite different, same thing when giving advice to others, we already know what to say to them in any situation THEY have to face, but when we are in the same predicament, all those answers and solutions vanish from our head. Continue reading