Building the new   

In a time of fast changes in technology, politics, society, ideologies and so on and so forth, being static seems to be “out of fashion”.

New discoveries in science appear and our ideas and old prejudices must change as well. Quantum physics is really weird and although it seems it cannot affect your “reality” directly, some of its effects are beginning to be understood nowadays.  We are changing the way we see our universe and there will be radical changes in our mentalities and dogmas in science and religion.  Yes, you have read well, there are dogmas in science too, believe it or not.  But we´ll talk about it some other time. There are many stubborn “scientists” out there who prefer to look to the other side when a new idea appears, since it is much more comfortable to remain believing in the old concepts than work on understanding and testing the new ones. Continue reading

The building

It was a tall building probably 60 years old. There were mainly offices and a few inhabited flats in it, some small stores in the ground floor. It had survived earthquakes with not big damages. It was a strong and well-built building.

In the third floor there was an odontology school, the principal was a good friend of my family and helped my mother with her teeth problems at a very low price. Continue reading