Blind spots

I have seen so many different techniques to avoid “blind spots” in cars that I think they could gather all the information and write a whole Encyclopaedia on the subject.

A blind spot is defined as an area around a vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver while operating it.  Those blind spots are the cause of many appalling accidents every year around the world. Continue reading

Stop the abuse

We cannot only blame the outside world for the “abuse” we have been facing lately.

I am sure you have heard about “bullying”, which is taking control of homes and schools all over the planet.  One of the main aspects we need to take heed of is the “message” we are constantly broadcasting to the outside world, since those individuals who are broadcasting the message of “Abuse me I’ll take it without a fuzz” are the ones who receive the worst load of violence. Continue reading

Powerful speech

There are several songs that talk about the futility of words.  They treat words as mere sounds emitted by the mouth but with no relevance whatsoever, as promises never to be fulfilled.

But I am sure you have many times in your life seen with your own eyes that “The tongue is mightier than the sword”. Words can change the life of a person for good or for bad.

Some encouraging words can charge a child with self-assurance and confidence. A teacher, a parent or grandparent, with a few words, can “inject” children with enough confidence or fear and affect them for the rest of their lives in a positive or negative way. Continue reading