Re-learning to be relaxed and calmed is one of the most fundamental, yet difficult thing to do nowadays.

If you live in a big city, all you have to do is to look around you and the sight of people everywhere makes you feel uneasy. Or you can watch the news every day, it has the same result.

Everybody is rushing and minding their own business. I have seen people passing by an elderly person who just fell, and they do not even stop to try to give him a hand. They do not even look at them anymore.

I do not want to start the: “In my time, people were more concerned and kinder…” monologue, but I am really impressed by the way society is heading nowadays.

No matter what country I visit, I am seeing a very radical change in people all over the world, and I cannot say I am very happy about that difference. Continue reading


In the last few years, I have seen among friends and colleagues a tendency (yes, me included of course), to feel that if you are not busy all the time, you are wasting your time.

This phenomenon is more common in big cities. We are getting used to be stressed all the time. And if you find yourself, in a certain moment, relaxed and calmed, then a feeling of guilt takes over your heart.

Nowadays, it seems unforgivable to be relaxed and happy, it is generally taken as an act of “laziness”, “idleness” or a” waste of your life”.

Believe it or not, many people are living that way. All the time. Continue reading


Imagine yourself sitting by a beautiful lake with crystalline water, so pure you can see the bottom of the lake and everything inside it perfectly.

The sand, the fish, the algae, the whole ecosystem right in front of you and you are really enjoying the view.

Then suddenly a child throws a rock in the lake and hundreds of ripples appear on the surface of the lake so you can no longer see that captivating view.  Would you worry about it? Would you enter in panic because you lost that pleasure for ever? Would you consider punishing that child for deprive you from contemplating that natural beauty? Continue reading

The highest Siddhi

Some time ago, I asked one of my teachers how I could recognise an advanced master, an old soul, someone who had reached enlightenment.

According to the old Buddhist teachings, a Siddhi is some kind of special power acquired through spiritual practices. So he told me that the highest Siddhi and the best proof of enlightenment is: Serenity. Continue reading