Let them go

One of the hardest things in life is, when someone we love, leaves permanently.  When a loved one leaves this physical plane or just follows a different path, it is hard for us to admit it.

Sometimes we even get really mad with God, the Universe or just Destiny, but it is always very difficult to accept and understand their departure.

I was talking with a group of students about the death of a famous singer who was killed by a gunshot by accident, (He was mistaken by somebody else). Continue reading



Talking about obstacles is a very common topic. We have been talking lately, about how we tend to blame the outside world for our problems and lacks.

But as in everything else, we will find the main cause right inside of us.

I am sure you have heard that one of the causes of serious illnesses like cancer, is low frequency feelings and emotions, like hate, resentment, fear, etc. Continue reading

Is pain a good thing?

There are nowadays too many ways to search for healing, there are too many new illnesses or at least we never heard of them before, they weren’t classified or we just ignore their existence.

Stress is making our lives really difficult and pain is beginning to be a constant companion of many people around the world.  But they say pain is a way for our body to let us know something is wrong and we need to give it our attention.

They say talking to our illness has a powerful effect on it.  I know of at least two cases of close friends who got rid of serious illnesses by ordering it to go away. Continue reading