Wrong Mode?

“The TV is not working again”

“What is wrong with it? I asked my mother.

“There is no image, I tune channel 3 and still no image!” she replied annoyed.

“Mmmh mum, this new set no longer needs to work on channel 3, now they have a special mode for different inputs”, I said with a calmed voice.

“Why do they have to do everything so complicated? So now what am I supposed to do to watch TV?” Her voice was getting louder…. So I proceeded with caution. This was dangerous territory. Continue reading


Open to receive

She was asking for some help to feed her baby, some spare coins in order to buy food and milk for a tiny beautiful baby she was carrying along with a bag full of old clothes, newspapers for these cold nights, an old broken umbrella and others things I couldn’t see very well, she carried many other plastic bags in her hands so it was very difficult for her to move around with baby and bags everywhere.

You could say she was recently living in the street, she didn’t look like the typical homeless person since her clothes were still in a certain good shape, she was very young and looked very frightened.   Probably was a typical case of teenage pregnancy where they decide to run away from home or even their parents kick them out.  I don’t know I am just speculating. Continue reading